Seven principles to be followed in drinking: binge drinking is easy to get sick

every time it’s time for a holiday or company dinner, male drinking is a necessary skill, and many businesses are discussed after drinking. Because at the usual table, you need to drink when you eat. Only in this way can you have a better atmosphere than the price. But you should pay attention to the right amount of drinking. Too much drinking is not good for your health, and it may cause some diseases. So you should pay attention to the right amount of drinking, and when you drink, there are some places that need attention. So, what are the principles of drinking? How should stomach feel uncomfortable after drinking? Let’s have a look.

1、 After drinking, people should not take a bath. After drinking, the stored glucose in the body will be consumed by physical activities, resulting in the decrease of blood sugar and the sharp drop of body temperature, Alcohol inhibits the normal activities of the liver, hinders the recovery of glucose storage in the body, thus endangering life and causing death.

2, alcohol does not drink with coffee

, alcohol is harmful, caffeine has the effect of excitement, refreshing and stomach, excessive can also cause poisoning. If alcohol and coffee are drunk together, it is like adding fuel to the fire. It can aggravate the damage to the brain, stimulate blood vessel expansion, accelerate blood circulation, and increase cardiovascular burden. The harm caused is many times more than that caused by simple drinking, and even more likely to endanger life.

3, do not drink a variety of wine

, because various wine ingredients, content is different, mixed with each other, will change, make people uncomfortable after drinking, even headache, easy to get drunk.

4 No drinking after a cold

drinking after a cold will aggravate the disease. Cold patients, especially severe ones, are mostly accompanied with fever symptoms. At this time, they usually take antipyretic drugs, usually paracetamol. Once the Baijiu and spirits are consumed, the metabolites produced by both will cause serious damage to the liver until it is completely necrotic.

5 and

alcohol all contain different degrees of alcohol. Taking drugs after drinking can increase toxic and side effects. Such as drinking LITELING, youjiangling and other drugs, there will be arrhythmia, high blood pressure reaction; Another example is taking sedatives, hypnotics, antiepileptics, antiallergics, antihypertensive drugs after drinking. On the one hand, it can increase the inhibitory effect on the brain, on the other hand, it can make the drug power increase sharply, exceeding the normal tolerance of the human body, causing danger. It is not a good habit to drink tea after drinking. Because after drinking, 80% of the alcohol is gradually decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the liver and discharged out of the body, thus playing the role of anti alcohol. This decomposition generally takes 2 to 4 hours. If you drink tea immediately after drinking, acetaldehyde in wine will be quickly discharged from the body through the kidney, which will damage the kidney and reduce the renal function. At the same time, too much tea, too much water, will also increase the burden of the heart and kidney, for patients with hypertension, angina pectoris coronary heart disease is more unfavorable. Therefore, it’s better to eat some fruits like pears and watermelons after drinking.

7. Don’t watch TV after drinking alcohol

drinking makes eyes congested. If you drink too much, the harmful ingredients in the wine will cause serious damage to the eyes, which can make the optic nerve atrophy, and even lead to blindness. Watching TV can make eyesight decline, while drinking alcohol can damage the optic nerve. If the two are carried out at the same time, it is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire and causing great damage to eyesight. Therefore, we must not rush to watch TV after drinking, especially for the elderly.

2、 Binge drinking is easy to cause diseases


the malt juice of brewing wine not only contains calcium and oxalic acid, but also contains a large amount of purine. Drinking a large amount of malt juice will produce excess heat energy and increase the production of uric acid, Promote the occurrence of stones.

cardiovascular disease

heavy drinking is easy to cause short-term increase in blood volume, increase the burden of heart and blood vessels, and bring damage to cardiovascular, kidney, liver, lung and other organs, some will appear dizziness, increased blood pressure, heart rate, and even lead to cardiovascular disease attack.


drink a lot of frozen wine, feel very happy, but drink a lot of frozen beer will cause pores suddenly cold contraction, stop sweating, make the body heat dissipation blocked, thus inducing cold and other diseases.

3、 How does stomach feel uncomfortable after drinking?

1, eating white flour porridge to nourish stomach after drunk

, for those who have stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms after drinking, eating juiced udong noodles to nourish stomach after drunk

, after the udong noodles are cooked, pour the soup boiled with cut taro and cereal on the udong noodles, Wudong is not only able to supplement enough carbohydrates, but also conducive to digestion. In addition, it is also good for the stomach, which can better nourish the stomach.

5, eating millet porridge after drinking

, the effect of millet, as Li Shizhen said in compendium of Materia Medica& mdash;& ldquo; It can cure nausea, heat and dysentery, tonify deficiency and damage, and open intestines and stomach;. In fact, whether it is nausea, dysentery, deficiency and damage are related to the poor function of the spleen and stomach, so the main effect of millet is to tonify the spleen and stomach. We usually say that sweet taste goes into the spleen and yellow into the spleen. In terms of five colors, millet is yellow. In terms of taste, millet tastes sweet and salty. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine says that millet can & lt; Warm the stomach;. This is the main reason why women in the North do not eat meat when they give birth to a child or when they are in confinement.

drinking is sometimes inevitable. We should master more skills, do a good job in prevention, and properly control our drinking capacity. Because a healthy body is our own, we must pay attention to the principle of drinking well and be prepared for stomach discomfort. Drinking must pay attention to the right amount and do according to one’s ability. If you can’t drink, don’t drink too much. Many people have some adverse consequences because of drinking, so we need to pay attention to avoid these adverse effects and reduce the harm caused by drinking. Finally, I hope that we must pay attention to drinking in an appropriate amount, so as to protect our health.

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