Seven ways to drink water is the healthiest

many people’s knowledge of water only stays on thirst quenching. In fact, how to drink safe water and healthy water is very important, especially in the modern society full of concept water and boiling water containers. Here’s how to drink water correctly.

1, own boiling water

, own boiling water to drink, both convenient and save money, but the fly in the ointment is that the water always has a taste, but also long-term struggle with scale. How can we win this battle? Every time the incoming water is boiled, it will contribute to the scale on the bottom and wall of the pot. When it is poured into the cup, there will be a layer of white foam floating on it. It tastes strange, especially in the north. In fact, this is because the water contains too much calcium and magnesium ions, which is called “hard water” because of its high content of minerals.

2, bottled water

bottled water appears more and more in people’s life, so we need to pay attention to the following three points when using it.

(1) pure water with boiled water

the most common bottled water is pure water and mineral water. Although the impurities and pollutants in pure water have been removed, this kind of water can not be drunk for a long time. Because while the water is purified, the minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body are also removed, which is especially not suitable for the elderly and children. Research shows that 30% of the calcium demand of children and the elderly comes from water. If they drink purified water for a long time, the absorption of this part of calcium will not be enough, and the existing minerals in the body will be discharged from the body with the metabolism of purified water. The best way is to drink pure water with boiled water or mineral water, which can meet the body’s demand for minerals.

(2) the principle of drinking

bottled water in a week is to take water through air pressure. Every liter of water released, there must be a corresponding volume of air carrying bacteria and dust into the body. Every time the water is changed, a part of the water will remain in the outlet tank, and a large number of microorganisms will be produced. Therefore, for the sake of safety, bottled water is best drunk within a week. If you have a small family, you can use a smaller bucket.

(3) it’s best to drink hot

. Because the quality of bottled water is uneven and the cleaning and disinfection of buckets are not strict, the originally safe water becomes unsafe. Therefore, it’s better to drink bottled water after boiling, and choose a big brand when buying.

3. Natural water is good water.

natural water has strict requirements on water source. It must be surface water, spring water and mineral water conforming to international standards. The water intake area must have a quiet environment without any industrial pollution.

the raw water of natural water also requires stable pH value (weak alkalinity), water temperature and a certain amount of mineral element content beneficial to human body. In addition, high-tech production equipment is also a necessary condition to ensure that natural water is free from secondary pollution in the process of processing.

in short, it contains certain mineral elements and pH value is weakly alkaline; 7.0) is the primary standard of good water. And these indicators are on the label of bottled water.

4, the water in the water heater can’t drink

. Some people often use the water in the water heater to boil and cook for convenience, which is very undesirable. Because the tap water entering the water heater will be polluted by the pipe network. Secondly, when the water in the water heater is heated repeatedly, the chlorine in the water will be reduced, which provides favorable conditions for the growth of microorganisms and bacteria in the water storage tank and pipeline. In addition, many communities now supply hot water in a unified way. Most of the public hot water is provided for residents to take a bath, which does not meet the standard of drinking water. It is better not to use water for boiling or cooking.

5. When you get up early, let the tap water out first.

tap water that has been out of use for one night and the tap water in the nearby water pipe may be polluted by metal pipe wall and attached bacteria, so it is not suitable for brushing teeth, gargling or boiling water for cooking. It is recommended to use the washbasin to pick up half basin of water (which can be used to flush the toilet, wipe the floor, etc.) before getting up early every day. New decoration or often not at home house, especially to pay attention to.

6. The water dispenser needs to be washed every two months.

tap water has been processed by the filtered water dispenser, and the taste has improved a lot. Some people want to save trouble and simply drink bottled water. No matter which one, if you want to keep the water quality healthy for a long time, regular cleaning of the water dispenser is the most important link.

filter water dispenser cleaning mainly in the filter, with a long time, will accumulate a lot of bacteria and microorganisms, and even grow “moss”, it is best to clean every two or three months“ Generally, it is not recommended to dismantle and clean the water dispenser by yourself, but to invite professional personnel to operate it, otherwise it is easy to damage the circuit, cause the strike of the water dispenser, and also cause potential safety hazards of electricity use. ” Lu Jianguo said that if your water dispenser can remove the whole filter, you must operate according to the instructions and wash it repeatedly with clean water. The filter element is usually replaced once every 1-2 years.

7 and stainless steel electric kettle

are convenient and quick to boil water, but attention should be paid to the selection and use. First of all to buy quality products, the best choice of stainless steel material, boiling water is safer. Second, when you use an electric kettle to boil water, you must drink it at any time and add water at any time, because when the temperature drops to a certain level, it will be heated automatically. If a kettle of water is heated repeatedly, the water quality will not be very good.

in fact, containers are very important for drinking water safety. After boiling water, if you want to cool, the glass is the safest, followed by the porcelain bowl or cup. Plastic containers should not be filled with boiling water. It is not only easy to deform, but also easy to dissolve the harmful substances in it when heated.

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