Several kinds of foods that can inhibit snoring:

Several foods that can inhibit snoring:

, several foods that can inhibit snoring:

1, tea.

tea helps reduce congestion and sputum, thereby reducing snoring. The boiling water used to make tea releases steam, which can reduce the nasal congestion when breathing in. When drinking tea, the water vapor from tea can relieve the inflamed nasal cavity, dilute mucus and improve nasal drainage. Drinking mint tea has the best effect on preventing snoring, because mint is a natural decongestant, which can alleviate the swelling of nasal mucosa.

2, soybean milk.

for snorers, soy milk is a better choice than milk. Because milk and other dairy products can form mucus in the respiratory tract and become one of the root causes of several respiratory diseases. Excessive consumption of milk will also produce phlegm, causing congestion and blockage of the respiratory tract. Others have an allergic reaction to lactose, leading to nasal swelling, which can lead to snoring.

3, turmeric.

the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are beneficial to resist inflammation, especially in the prevention and treatment of snoring. Curcumin, the active ingredient of Curcuma longa, is a kind of antioxidant with strong anti-inflammatory effect. It has few side effects and can safely and naturally relieve congestion. Turmeric is sold at the seasoning counter of the vegetable market and in general Chinese medicine stores. It can be directly boiled and drunk, and can also be used for cooking and porridge.

4, honey.

before going to bed, stir honey in tea to help relax the throat, reduce congestion and swelling, so as to prevent snoring. Honey has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help relieve congestion in the throat. Honey helps fight infection, soothe inflamed mucous membranes and promote the patency of the throat and upper respiratory tract, according to a study.

5, onion.

although the breath after eating onion is not good, it is the savior to overcome snoring; Because onions have anti-inflammatory properties, they help clear the nasal passages and allow more air to pass through.

6, fish.

changing the habit of eating red meat to eating fish can make people sleep well at night without snoring. Saturated fat in red meat stimulates the nasal cavity because saturated fat produces a lot of arachidonic acid, which further produces prostaglandins, which cause swelling in the throat and sinuses. In contrast, eating protein from fish and beans does not increase prostaglandins, and fatty acids in fish help reduce inflammation.

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