Shampoo wash clothes effect is very good!

Shampoo wash clothes effect is very good!

shampoo wash clothes effect is very good!

shampoo in addition to washing hair, there are other uses?! Before reading this, Xiaobian said that I really don’t know!

shampoo works wonders for all kinds of stains on clothes! Pour a few drops down, rub a few times, bubble a bubble, after the steps as usual, decontamination ability is very strong Oh!

if your zipper suddenly gets stuck, why don’t you try dropping a drop of shampoo to the place where it gets stuck to make sure it’s as smooth as new!

have you ever had such an experience that you can’t pull the tape off! It hurts to pull it off! Now, you can drop shampoo on the tape. When the shampoo seeps down, you can easily pull the tape off!

comb is always easy to be covered with hair and dandruff after long use. Especially dandruff, it is not easy to clean, you can put the comb in hot water, drop a few drops of shampoo, soak for a few minutes, and then rinse with water, done!

don’t you like to wash your car better than to send it to the car wash shop! Cheap and affordable! Now with a bucket of warm water and a quarter cup of shampoo, stir evenly, the effect is as good as professional detergent!

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