Share every little bit of practical tips in life. When you get oil stains on your white clothes, wash

with detergent, people love it very much now. Your own bit of a bit of image is very concerned. So many people like to paint their nails or manicure, but going out to do it is also a waste of money. Buy some nail polish and nail glue by yourself, which can save time, labor and money. But suddenly nail polish has a small problem, that is, what work can not do, this time, you can put the nail just finished in the cold water to soak for a while, then it will be faster than the dry in the air. If you can master such a life tips, it can also bring another aspect to the friends who love beauty.

Now many people are very beautiful, but because of the busy work, or for the beauty knowledge is not perfect, then will also let their skin in unconsciously appear all kinds of problems. Acne on the nose is a common skin problem. Many people don’t know how to deal with it. They think it affects the appearance very much, and they will squeeze it with their hands. However, we don’t know that even if we wash our hands clean, there will be a lot of bacteria. When we come into contact with acne and blackhead at this time, Will allow a large number of bacteria in the pores of the nose to reproduce, not only can not remove the effect of blackheads and acne, but also make skin problems more and more serious. But we have to deal with blackheads and acne. At this time, we can smear some edible salt on the blackheads, rub it gently, and then wash it with clean water. Slowly, we will find that the nose becomes very clean and delicate.

In addition to going to the toilet, the first thing you do every morning is to brush your teeth. Because after a night’s sleep, there are a lot of bacteria in your mouth. If you eat without brushing your teeth, it’s not good for our health, So toothpaste is in use at this time, but we all know that toothpaste is used to brush teeth. In fact, toothpaste can be used in other places in our daily life. Toothpaste can be said to be omnipotent. For example, if there are tea stains on our teacups, it is difficult to wash them off. At this time, use toothpaste to brush at this position, Then, after washing off with clean water, we can miraculously find that the cup becomes as bright as new. When some people use boiling water, they accidentally burn their skin. At this time, toothpaste is in use again. You can apply some toothpaste at this position to calm down and reduce inflammation.

When we eat or cook, we always drop a few drops of oil on our clothes. If we put it directly into the washing machine to turn it up, it will not play any role. After drying, we will find that the oil still exists on our clothes. Don’t worry at this time. You can put some detergent on the clothes before you wash them. Rub your hands back and forth, and then wash them with clean water. You will find that the oil marks have disappeared. This method saves time and effort, and also saves the cost of going to the dry cleaner. Why not? So we can pay more attention to observe life at ordinary times, and there are a lot of such life tips.

The wind and sand in the north is very big, and it often happens that the sand goes into the eyes. At this time, we are always at a loss. Today’s trick is to deal with this situation. After the sandstorm enters our eyes, don’t worry. We can spit a few mouthfuls. It doesn’t matter if we spit a few more times, and then blink. At this time, the sand will come out naturally. Be sure not to touch your eyes with your hands, because the bacteria on your hands can also damage your conjunctiva.

other life tips

1, white clothes do not touch oil stains, directly with detergent rub!

I love spicy food. Every time I eat hot pot or beef ball noodles, I always splash oil stains. I’m afraid of heat absorption in summer, and I like to wear white clothes. Whenever I want to die, I feel so painful. I think everyone has experienced this kind of experience! I’ve tried the above method many times, and it’s bailing. Remember, don’t soak in water first, because it will dilute. You can decompose the oil stains more effectively by rubbing it with detergent!

2 When you have cramps in your feet or legs, you should pull the thumb of your feet toward the instep of your feet

. You must have been sleeping well. Suddenly, you have cramps in your feet, and you don’t know what to do, I remember one time when I was dreaming, I started to smoke and cried. After rubbing it for a long time, I didn’t know what to do. At that time, I cried and fell asleep again. I really admire myself. She didn’t teach me to pull my toes until I woke up and told my mother.

First of all, we need to know the causes of foot cramps. Lack of calcium or catching cold, as well as severe exercise may lead to muscle spasm. We should pay attention to supplement nutrition. Then, we need to wear warm covers. After running or doing other sports, we need to take hot water to bubble our feet and then pinch our legs, Let the muscles relax, even if you really smoke, don’t be nervous, use the above method, absolutely immediately good, remember don’t dare to stomp!

3, drink with a small straw will not grow dental caries

summer is coming, the weather is hot and dry, you must want to have a bottle of iced drink at this time, especially the children should want to drink more, but after drinking and afraid of dental caries, you can’t easily affect the future meal, good tangle, right?

So if you want to drink drinks and prevent tooth decay, it’s actually very simple. You don’t need to brush your teeth every time you finish drinking drinks. Just use a straw when you drink. Some people think Xiaobian is sensational, but it’s not, because it’s a straw, When you drink a drink, it must go directly into your throat. It won’t stay in the teeth for too long, so it won’t cause tooth decay. But if you can have a habit of brushing your teeth or gargling every time you drink or finish eating, it will also have a very lasting effect on the health of your teeth. So if you want to protect the health of teeth, in addition to drinking drinks with straws, there are many small ways. As long as you are good at observing and using in life, you can play a big role in protecting our teeth. For example, every time you brush your teeth, you can put a little salt on the toothbrush, which can play a role in sterilization and anti-inflammatory. Every time you finish eating, you can floss to remove the food residue between your teeth, and then use toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your mouth. In this way, you can get a better oral care.

4 I can’t clean my hair when I drop it on the floor. I can’t clean it with adhesive tape. It’s summer. My hair is often sweaty and wet, so I have to wash it often. But when I get old after washing, I can’t clean it with a broom every time, and I stick it to the top. It’s disgusting, Not only that, but also my mother criticized me for saying that in summer, not only dogs lose their hair, but also you lose your hair. So I’d better cut it. The key is not whether I can cut it or not. Because my short hair still falls, I can’t wear a bath cap in hot weather!

ha ha, buy a roll of wide tape, fix it in one place at a time, wipe your hair or comb it, drop a pile, and then tear off a piece of tape. It’s much easier to stick it. It can not only stick your hair, but also stick dog hair. It’s not too easy!

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