Shoes are too smelly. It’s embarrassing. Tips for removing smelly shoes and feet:

in fact, smelly feet not only affect mood, but also burden some people and even create a sense of inferiority. Now, let’s learn the tips to remove the stinky shoes and feet!

tips for removing shoe odor and foot odor


1 Put a small bag of quicklime into the shoes (the desiccant often used in the food such as eating snow rice cake).

2. Tear grapefruit peel into small pieces and put them into shoes.

3. Put your feet in hot water at 50-60 ℃ for 15 minutes, 1-2 times a day.

4. When washing feet, add 10 to 15 ml rice vinegar into water, mix well, and soak feet for about 15 minutes, once a day for three to four days, then foot odor will disappear.

5. When washing feet, add 50g alum in hot water and soak for about 10 minutes to remove foot odor.

6 15 grams of Pueraria lobata, and then add the Baijiu 15 grams, add the right amount of water, fry the feet, once a day, after a week, can remove feet sweat caused foot odor.

7. Before going to bed every night, use a cotton ball or cloth dipped in a little alcohol, evenly wipe it on the rubber and sneakers that have just been taken off, and wear it after drying the next morning. After two weeks, the shoes won’t stink.

8. Take an appropriate amount of dehydrated alum or dry lime powder, put it in a small cloth bag, and put it in the shoes before going to bed every night.

9. Press a few camphor balls into powder, sprinkle them in the washed shoes, and put a insole on them, so that they are not easy to stink feet. Camphor balls can’t directly contact with feet. The camphor balls inside can be changed every other week. Camphor pill can play a very good antibacterial effect, can kill a large number of bacteria because of humidity and reproduction, so there will be no odor.

10. Newly purchased rubber and sneakers evenly sprayed Baijiu (until the bottom of the sponge can not be absorbed) on the sponge bottom. After drying, they will not smell bad if they are dried.

11. Put dry tea (soaked) bag into shoes to remove peculiar smell.

12 White gourd skin: white gourd skin has the effect of relieving summer heat, strengthening spleen and diuresis. It can be used to treat edema, abdominal distension and adverse urination caused by kidney disease, lung disease and heart disease. It can kill two birds with one stone to wash feet with wax gourd skin decoction, which can cure both beriberi and foot odor.

13. Socks are also easy to smell. Pour a little white vinegar into the water for washing socks, soak for a while, and then wash with clean water. This can not only remove the smell, but also play a role in sterilization.

14. The bad smell in the shoe cabinet is also well solved. As long as you put a piece of soap in the shoe cabinet, you can easily remove the stink in the shoe cabinet. There is a nice smell when you open the shoe cabinet.

15, charcoal adsorption is very strong, put charcoal into shoes, not only can absorb the moisture in shoes, but also can absorb the smell of shoes, if there is no charcoal at home, you can buy some activated carbon, activated carbon deodorization ability is strengthened.

16, pure natural method to remove odor, use some plants to clean shoes. For example, put lemon slices in shoes or orange peel in shoes. Generally, after one night, the smell of shoes can be basically removed, and there will be some fragrance.

17. Use alcohol to remove the odor of shoes. Use common medicinal alcohol, pour out some and dilute with water, then spray insoles and shoes with a small tool with nozzle, or soak them with paper, then drip them inside, and place them in a cool place for half an hour. After alcohol volatilizes, shoes will have no taste.

18. Use soda powder to deodorize shoes. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of soda powder directly in shoes. Because soda powder absorbs water quickly, it can absorb sweat in shoes quickly to achieve deodorization purpose. However, the deodorization effect of soda powder is not very obvious, it can only be slightly alleviated.

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