Shoes deodorization skills you have to learn

life skills Shoes deodorization skills you have to learn life skills

you have to learn life skills

gas pipe deodorization ideas

gas pipe will emit a bad smell after a long time of use. Materials: packaging bag with tin foil for milk powder, tea or biscuit; Step: cut the packing bag into strips, and then wrap it on the gas pipe. Note that when winding, the upper ring should press about one third of the lower ring, so that the seal gas molecules are not easy to diffuse out. After wrapping the gas pipe, fix the packing strip with transparent tape.

other advantages of cola

can be used to clean the burnt pot. Pour the coke in and bring it to a boil to remove the substance from the bottom of the pot. After dyeing your hair, you find that the color is a little heavy. Washing your hair with cola can help you lighten the color. Throwing your jewelry in coke and cleaning it with a toothbrush can also make your jewelry shine again. Of course, those precious or with diamonds and other jewelry can never do so. Pour coke into your kettle and leave it for a day. This can remove the residual dirt inside the kettle and make the inside clean. Pouring a can of coke into the toilet can also clean the toilet. What works is the acidity. Mix coke and ketchup in a ratio of one to one to make a delicious barbecue sauce. Brush the pulp on before barbecue, and you can make a mouth watering delicacy.

shoes deodorization methods and skills

alcohol has the effect of sterilization, used to eliminate the odor of shoes, very effective. You can buy a bottle of medicinal alcohol at the drugstore, pour a little into the plate, dilute it with water, dip it with paper towel, and then blow the paper towel gently with your mouth to blow the alcohol on the insole.

charcoal can also deodorize. When shoes are not worn, put a piece of charcoal inside to remove the odor. Before wearing shoes, put the gauze with a little lemon juice or perfume into the shoes, and also remove the stink from the shoes. The method is: brush the new pot clean, heat it up, add a little oil, rotate the pot to make it evenly exposed to fire, with the rotation of the pot, the oil in the pot also flows in the pot for a circle, continue to add fire, let the surrounding oil smoke, add half a bowl of water in the pot, boil, brush the pot with a broom, When the water is half evaporated, stop the fire, pour out the water, change the water again, brush the pot clean, and then it won’t stick to the pot. The magic of

preservative film cylinder

after placing drinks in the storage tank behind the refrigerator door, it is easy to shake the drinks when opening and closing the refrigerator door. Methods: fold the white towel in half at the bottom of the storage tank behind the refrigerator door, and then cut the inner tube of the preservative film along the gap. After cutting, the inner tube of the preservative film can be stretched as a spring. When the beverage bottle is placed in the storage slot on the refrigerator door, it can effectively hold the beverage bottle, so that it can be fixed and easy to take out.

a good way to collect mats

before collecting mats, wipe the sweat stains on the mats, then dissolve a small amount of alkali or soap in warm water, wipe them directly with towel, then wipe them horizontally along the mats, and dry them after wiping the front and back sides. When collecting, grind two or three camphor balls into powder and mix with talc powder, sprinkle them on the mat, wrap them in paper, and put them in a dry place. Do not put heavy objects on the mat.

method of reducing loose sweater

sweater will become loose and bulky after wearing for a long time, which is not fit and affects the appearance. In order to restore it to its original state, hot water can be used to iron the sweater. The water temperature should be between 70 ℃ and 80 ℃. If the water is too hot, the sweater will shrink too small; If the cuff or hem of a sweater loses its flexibility, soak the part in hot water at 40-50 ℃ for 1-2 hours to dry, and the flexibility can be restored.

scientific method of washing socks

ordinary cotton socks should be washed and replaced frequently. If they are replaced, they should be soaked in clean water for about 2 hours, and then they should be rubbed with soap and washed with hot water, so that the dirt is easy to fall off. Pure silk stockings, artificial silk stockings, nylon stockings, etc. should be gently rubbed in soapy water or synthetic detergent below 40 ℃ when washing, and should not be vigorously rubbed. Socks should be dried in the shade after washing, and should not be exposed to the sun or baked.

when washing wool socks, you should first cut the neutral soap with less alkali into soap pieces, put it into hot water to dissolve, wait for the water to cool down, then put the socks in, soak for a while, and then gently scrub with your hands. More dirt on the socks and socks heel, you can rub some soap, until clean. After the socks are rubbed, rinse them with clean water, dry them slightly, spread them flat on the table, smooth them with hands, hang them in a well ventilated place, or cover them with white cloth and dry them in the sun.

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