Shrimp skin is easy to cause cancer when it is put for a long time

many of us like to put shrimp skin when we make soup. It can help us to freshen our soup and replenish calcium effectively. However, newly bought shrimp skin is generally white and has no obvious ammonia smell. But after a month or two at home, the color turns pink, and the ammonia smell of shrimp skin is very strong. In fact, this is the reason for a long time. Research shows that shrimp skin is easy to cause cancer after a long time.

shrimp skin can be preserved for a long time. The main antibacterial factors are low water content and high salt content. Both are indispensable. But people usually buy shrimps that are not completely dry. There are two main reasons. On the one hand, it may be because the air is humid by the sea. On the other hand, it may be because the dried shrimps are heavier and more profitable. This kind of dried shrimp skin, because of its high protein content, is particularly easy to breed bacteria.

if stored at room temperature, protein becomes peptide and amino acid through the action of microorganism, and then decomposes into lower amine and ammonia. Lower amine is the source of fishy odor, and ammonia is the source of stimulating taste.

low grade amines not only have certain toxicity, but also are easy to combine with a small amount of nitrite in aquatic products to form strong carcinogen nitrosamines. These substances are important chemical factors to promote the development of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer. The toxicity of nitrosamines is very large, including chronic toxicity, teratogenicity and carcinogenicity. It is also volatile and can cause toxic reactions when inhaled from the air.

various seafood and meat products are important sources of nitrosamines. Stale pickled fish, pickled meat, dried shrimps, sea rice, shredded squid, scallops, dried fish, etc. may exceed the standard. Therefore, once the shrimp smell, do not regret, to resolutely throw away. Even after washing, you can’t rest assured.

it is recommended that you store the dried shrimps in the refrigerator immediately after you buy them, and then put them back in the refrigerator after you use them. This can greatly slow down the rate of protein decomposition, maintain a normal taste in two or three months, and reduce the risk of carcinogens.

through our introduction above, we know that we should not buy a lot of shrimps every time, and the daily consumption of shrimps is only two or three grams, which is not the main way to supplement calcium.

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