Sichuan girl eat spicy skin is still very delicious, hot Qushi misunderstanding revealed

eat spicy in the end healthy? Today, let’s put aside our emotions and use science to talk about the right and wrong about pepper.

is actually a misreading of a popular study published in the British Medical Journal. The researchers collected information from nearly 500000 people in different regions of China and followed up for seven years. The results showed that compared with those who ate spicy food less than once a week, those who ate spicy food every day or two had a 14% lower mortality rate; People who eat spicy food regularly also have a lower risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

however, it is not reliable to regard this study as the gold medal of “death free”, because this kind of “prospective” study can only show “correlation”, but can not prove “causality”; It may also be that other factors related to eating spicy food lead to the decrease of mortality.

In a word, spicy food can nourish the stomach and “abnormal spicy food” can hurt the body.

in addition to the oral cavity, there are capsaicin receptors in the anus. So when you eat a lot of spicy food, capsaicin will arrive at the anus with the feces, and you will feel “Chrysanthemum” burning, even painful. As for why eating spicy will have diarrhea, there is no clear explanation. May be caused by excessive capsaicin gastric peristalsis caused by too fast, from leading to diarrhea; It may also be that colon cells are stimulated by capsaicin, leading to gastrointestinal motility disorder, feces can not be formed, and it is thinning; There may also be food hygiene problems & hellip& hellip; At present, there is not enough evidence to prove that pepper is the direct cause of acne, but the high sugar and heavy oil food, such as sweet drinks, butter, red meat and viscera, which are eaten together when eating spicy food, are the sure culprits of acne. Many people will blush after eating chili, especially sensitive skin. This is because capsaicin activates receptors, regulates skin temperature and blood flow, dilates buccal blood vessels and speeds up blood flow.

from this point of view, eating spicy food can really promote blood circulation and make you look ruddy.

in addition, capsicum is absolutely “nutritious and antioxidant”, and the contents of vitamin C, B and carotene, which are good for skin, are not low. However, good skin is really predestined. The good skin of Chuanyu girls is mainly due to the combined effect of environment and gene!

although relevant studies have shown that capsaicin has a good effect on reducing fat and improving exercise performance; But first, capsaicin is not hot pot; Even if you eat capsaicin directly, if you want to play the effect of weight loss, you have to move to get more effect! Secondly, most of the pungent substances in pepper are insoluble in water, only soluble in organic solvents such as oil, so if you want to taste spicy food, you must add heavy oil! Spicy crayfish, boiled meat slices, butter hot pot, double cooked meat & hellip& hellip; These certainly can’t lose weight! The fat content of these dishes is very high, and the spicy dishes are good for appetizers. It’s no problem to have more than two taels of meat.

capsaicin is insoluble in water, so no matter how much water you drink, you can’t get rid of it; Drinking milk is effective. Casein in milk can wrap capsaicin and take it away. Moreover, milk contains fat, which can dissolve part of capsaicin, especially for fresh capsaicin. It has been verified that milk, vinegar, perilla oil and sugar water have the best effect on relieving spicy, but sugar water is useless. If there is no milk at hand, gargling with water can also relieve the burning sensation of the lower mouth, especially ice water.

To sum up, low-temperature whole milk is the “champion of spicy solution”.

it’s not unhealthy to eat spicy food. It’s just that many spicy dishes are heavy in oil and salt. These are the root causes of unhealthy food. Fresh pepper itself is very nutritious, especially vitamin C, is the leader in vegetables. When frying vegetables, put a little fresh pepper, taste and health; In addition, compared with chili oil, pickled peppers with refreshing taste and chili powder without excessive fat are also better choices.

. It’s like cooking beef slices in butter pan, spicy hot pot and water& hellip; It’s out of the question. Well, or that sentence: it doesn’t matter to eat occasionally, happy every day is the most important!

“ How many sheets of toilet paper do you need to wipe your stool? One or two, or three or five? Recently, there is a hot post circulating in the circle of wechat friends: three pieces of paper are needed to wipe the stool, which means that the body is too wet and needs to be & lt; Dehumidification;, And humidity is & lt; The source of all diseases;. Eight out of ten people in the clinic thought that their discomfort was due to & lt; Heavy moisture;, Most people drink red bean and job’s tears water to remove dampness according to the online saying, but many people drink more and more; Get angry;. Some common problems in outpatient service; Removing dampness & quot; What are the misunderstandings? I hope that through advertising, we can draw your attention.

Misunderstanding 1:

humidity in the body is the source of all kinds of diseases; The source of all kinds of diseases;, It is because modern people eat too much meat, the food is polluted, and the amount of exercise is less, so the body is full of Yin, Yang deficiency, dampness and internal depression, which hurt the spleen and stomach, and eventually bring many diseases. But in the pathogenic wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire; Six evils & quot; Among them, TCM is most afraid of & lt; Dampness pathogen;. Many of the patients who come to the clinic will talk to themselves that they are wet, but most of them are & lt; It’s a good idea;, Or from the Internet.

many people think that & lt; Dampness pathogen; May cause the body to be heavy, the ache, especially the joint flexion extension disadvantageous& ldquo; Internal humidity & quot; Also performance for the spleen and stomach is not good, especially the spleen and stomach itself is not good, there will be light mouth, loss of appetite performance, chest and abdomen will feel very stuffy, also easy to diarrhea, or functional gastroenteritis attack.

in fact, in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, these symptoms can not be used alone; Wet & quot; To explain& ldquo; Dampness evil never fights alone;. For the human body, & lt; Six evils & quot; Including wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire, many of them will be & lt; Cooperation;. Modern people’s etiology is complex, and it is not only related to dampness, but also to eliminate dampness blindly. In addition, in autumn and winter, most people are more likely to be injured by dryness, so at this time, we pay attention to nourishing yin and moistening lung. If we do not distinguish between green and red to remove dampness, it is simply & lt; Add fuel to the fire;.

error 2

stool sticky toilet tips heavy moisture

according to the Internet, if the stool does not form, long-term loose, or stool is very sticky, difficult to clean, it is wet in the body. If constipation occurs, but the defecation does not take shape, it means that the moisture is too heavy, and the defecation sticks to the intestines and cannot be discharged. This will bring a series of problems, because the intestines will absorb the toxin in the stool and damage our health.

in fact, diarrhea is only one of the external manifestations of moisture in the body& ldquo; The spleen prefers dryness to dampness;, If the body’s moisture is too heavy, the spleen will be overloaded; When the spleen is not good, digestion and absorption is not good, a series of sticky mouth, upper abdominal distension uncomfortable problems also appear. But not all diarrhea is related to heavy moisture in the body.

constipation caused by dampness does exist, but constipation is also very complex, constipation caused by dryness is more common, and the treatment methods of these two cases are diametrically opposite. In addition, & lt; Subian & quot; Leading to the absorption of toxins is not a scientific concept, and we should not believe it.

Misunderstanding three

dehumidification to eat more spicy

there are many ways to remove dampness, the most common is through spicy to remove dampness. Many people will say that people in Sichuan, Hunan and other places like to eat spicy hot pot. Why? Because when you sweat, the dampness is removed.

it is true that Sichuan, Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Guizhou and other regions have humid climate. Eating hot pepper can really sweat and dehumidify. However, traditional Chinese medicine believes that most of the dampness is related to the transport function of the spleen, but has little to do with sweating, so traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes more on strengthening the spleen and removing dampness.

the wisdom of the ancients was to strengthen the spleen first and then diuresis. First talk about how to strengthen the spleen, regulating the spleen is good for the whole function of the body. The simplest dietotherapy includes white gourd skin, Poria cocos, ginger skin, tangerine peel, red dates and so on; Warm tonic & quot; It is suitable for most people; Usually prone to sweating, repeated cold Qi deficiency patients, in order to improve immunity, can eat some yam and jujube; People with poor appetite can eat some hawthorn and other appetizers appropriately.

in addition, many people will have the symptoms of heat and dampness in summer. But at this stage, the emphasis is actually & lt; Nourishing the heart;, So here’s another viscera & mdash& mdash; Heart. In summer, we should eat more bitter food. Especially for friends in the south, it is better to eat bitterness and dampness than spicy food. Suffering can not only reduce the fire, but also reduce the fire; Dampness & quot( Remove heat and dampness) and & lt; Firm Yin & quot( The function of purging fire and preserving Yin.

misunderstanding four

dampness drink red bean job’s tears water is the most effective

many people who come to see the clinic have told me that in order to remove dampness, they drink red bean job’s tears water for a winter. Some women are obviously easy to get angry constitution, also insist on drinking red bean job’s tears water, not only did not play the role of dehumidification, but appeared tongue ulcer.

dispelling dampness is not a simple control symptom. Dampness belongs to Yin cold, easy to hurt Yang Qi《 According to the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of internal medicine, the cold is warm. This shows that warming method is the fundamental method to treat dampness. Although job’s tears dispel dampness is good, it has certain cold nature, and red bean nature is flat, so the whole prescription is cool.

dampness pathogen can be divided into dampness heat and cold dampness. Hongdou Yimi water is only suitable for dampness heat constitution with mild symptoms. After drinking the cold water of Adlay and red bean, the humidity was reduced, as if the symptoms were alleviated, but actually the spleen was injured. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach transport food needs Yang Qi. If people with cold and damp constitution often eat Coix, it is easy to damage Yang Qi, and their resistance to moisture will become weaker and weaker.

job’s tears has a certain spleen strengthening effect, but raw job’s tears are cool in nature, and are not suitable for people with cold body and yang deficiency. What should we do? We can use fried job’s tears, the raw job’s tears fried to yellowish, to its cold, spleen dampness effect is more obvious.

in addition, many people can’t tell red bean from red bean. Red beans, also known as Acacia beans, are relatively large, and the most commonly used is to make delicious red bean syrup. In terms of shape, red

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