Simple and practical life tips

Simple and practical life tips

simple and practical life tips

1, pear can be sunscreen! Eating pears often can keep skin elastic and wrinkle free. Pear is rich in vitamin E, which can protect against sunlight exposure.

2, when cooking sweet and sour fish and other dishes that need vinegar, it’s better to put vinegar when the pot is about to start, so as to fully maintain the vinegar flavor. If you put it too early, the vinegar will evaporate in the cooking process, which will greatly reduce the vinegar flavor.

3, frozen food thawing method: meat, suitable for natural thawing at room temperature, thawing in water will make the loss of nutrients; Poultry: should be thawed in water, but not to the viscera of the best natural thawing at room temperature.

4, all kinds of hair dyes will lose some function or change color in room temperature or hot weather. If stored in the refrigerator, it can keep its original function for a long time without deterioration.

5. The color TV can’t connect the ground wire by itself. If the ground wire is connected reversely, it will connect the ground wire in the machine with the live wire of the power supply and make the frame and other parts live, which will lead to the risk of electric shock.

6, removal method of mildew spots on leather shoes: when the leather shoes are put for a long time, it can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1:1) solution, and then dried in a ventilated place. It can also be used for mouldy bags.

7. Tea, sugar and candy should not be stored together. Tea is easy to absorb moisture, but sugar and candy just contain a lot of water. If these two kinds of goods are stored together, tea will become moldy or taste bad because of moisture.

8. How to clean a gem ring? Use cotton swab to wet in the mixture of magnesium oxide and ammonia, or toilet water and glycerin, scrub the gem and frame, and then polish with flannelette.

9. Jeans will fade after wearing for a long time. You can put the newly bought jeans into the concentrated salt water for 12 hours, and then wash them with clean water. After that, they won’t fade.

10, Luffa treatment of chronic laryngitis. With the towel gourd juice or cut off the towel gourd vine, let the juice drop out naturally, put it into a bowl, steam it on the pot, and then add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to drink, you can effectively treat chronic laryngitis.

11. You can’t boil eggs with tea! Because in addition to alkaloids, there are many kinds of acidifying substances in tea. These compounds combine with iron in eggs and stimulate the stomach, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption.

12. Some people always break off the tablets when taking medicine, thinking that small tablets are good for swallowing. In fact, the pills become sharp after breaking, which is not conducive to swallowing and easy to scratch the esophagus, so don’t break the pills.

13. Cooking temperature of pressure cooker: the cooking time of pressure cooker is calculated from the first gas outlet of pressure limiting valve. Chicken 1 kg water 2 kg, 18 minutes can be removed bone; 1 kg spareribs, 2 kg water, 20 minutes to remove bone.

14. Remove the dust in the gap of household appliances: there is a lot of dust in the gap of household appliances, and it is not suitable to clean it with cloth. The waste brush can be used to remove the dust in the gap, which is very convenient.

15. Skillfully wash the oil dirt on the iron pot: it is difficult to remove the oil dirt accumulated on the frying pan after it has been used for a long time. If you put the fresh pear peel in the pot and add water to boil for a while, the oil dirt can be easily removed.

16, jewelry collection and maintenance tips: handle with care, avoid collision and friction; Avoid contact with acid and alkali solution under high temperature; Check regularly to prevent gem from falling off; Remove, store and clean in time.

17. Sometimes the plastic cap on the bottle can’t be opened because it is too tight. At this time, you can put the whole bottle into the refrigerator (it can be put outdoors in winter) to freeze for a while, and then screw it again. It’s easy to open it.

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