Simple tips to solve the problem of white clothes yellowing white clothes cleaning tips

white shirt, white shirt, white skirt and so on these white clothes are better to match, wear is also very beautiful, but white clothes are easy to turn yellow, how to do? How to wash white clothes is always a headache for everyone. Here is the most complete prescription of white clothes yellowing in history. Let’s have a look at what to do with white clothes yellowing. After mastering these cleaning tips, you can wear new clothes every day.

In fact, the yellowing of white clothes is mostly caused by the weakening of the fluorescent agent. In addition to using chemical methods, there are also some natural remedies to restore white and bright clothes. Put the orange peel into the pot and add water to boil it. Soak the yellowing clothes in it and scrub it to make the clothes white again. It won’t have side effects on the skin like the fluorescent whitening agent on the market, and won’t hurt the materials. For the sweat stains produced by sweating, because the sweat containing fat condenses in the cloth fiber, you can only ask a chemical helper. When washing, you can add about 2 tbsp of ammonia water, soak it for a few minutes, scrub it, and then wash it with clean water. According to the general washing procedure, you can remove or lighten the yellow sweat stains. Sometimes white clothes or light colored clothes will turn yellow over time. The main reason for the yellowing of white clothes is the oil secreted by the human body. If it is not washed clean, the clothes will turn yellow in a large area. For this phenomenon, there are also ways to solve, the yellowing clothes in the sun hanging exposure, but before, should be in the yellowing place drop fresh lemon juice, and then put some salt and gently rub, after the sun according to the general way of washing clothes can! Due to the hot weather and humid air, the washed clothes are easy to grow mildew. It is suggested that the clothes polluted by mildew should be soaked in high concentration soapy water, and then taken out with soapy water. After drying in the sun for a while, the clothes should be dried repeatedly for several times. After the mildew is removed, the clothes should be rinsed with clean water.

1. Causes of yellowing of white clothes

1, weakening of fluorescent agent of white clothes

2, yellowing of clothes due to sweat stains and oil secreted by human body

3, yellowing of clothes due to improper or prolonged storage

4, improper or unclean cleaning, Residual detergent or soap can also make clothes yellow

2、 How to wash white clothes when they are yellow

1. Wash white clothes when they are yellow with rice washing water

. Soak the yellow white clothes in rice washing water and add an appropriate amount of washing liquid, Washing according to the normal washing procedure can make the yellowing clothes as white as new.

white clothes are often washed with rice washing water, which is not easy to turn yellow.

2. Wash the white clothes with the water boiled with orange peel

. When washing the white clothes, put the orange peel into the pot to heat and boil, and then soak and rub the clothes with the Yellow soup to make the clothes as white as new.

3, wash the white clothes with white vinegar

, add a few drops of white vinegar into the water, immerse the white clothes in it and rub them for several times, and then clean them according to the ordinary washing procedure.

, especially when the clothes are not properly dried, there will be a bad smell of sweat and acid. Take white vinegar and water, soak the smelly clothes for about five minutes, and then dry them in a ventilated place!

4. Washing white with lemon juice

lemon has bleaching effect. Washing clothes with water added with lemon juice also has bleaching effect.

when washing white silk fabrics, add lemon juice in the water to make the clothes more white.

when washing white socks, just put 2 & mdash; in hot water; 3 slices of lemon, and then soak the washed white socks for 10 minutes, the socks will be easy to clean.

or in the white clothes yellow place drop fresh lemon juice, and then put some salt and gently rub, and then put the clothes in the sun exposure can also make the Yellow fade.

5, wash white with salt

, wash sweat stains with salt water better, the method is as follows:

(1) add salt in warm water, soak for 30 minutes;

(2) clean with soapy water;

(3) if you want to eliminate the smell of sweat stains and have the effect of multi-layer sterilization and deodorization, you can add white vinegar to soak after the salt water is cleared.

6 The yellow stains on white clothes are mainly protein, and spinach will release soluble protein after boiling, So using spinach boiled water to clean white clothes can effectively remove yellow stains. The specific measures are as follows:

(1) buy a handful of spinach, after hot water, the spinach is picked up, leaving only the soup for use.

(2) rub the yellow stain in spinach water and soak for 10 minutes.

(3) after soaking, pick up the clothes, and then wash the clothes according to the normal washing procedure, and the clothes will return to white. Add 30:1 (water: ink)

(1) in a basin of clean cold water, drop 3-5 drops of pure blue ink, and mix well by hand.

(2) put the washed and bleached white shirt into the water, lift it up and down for 3-5 times, and take it out to dry.

8, add skim milk to wash white silk fabric

soak it with skim milk before washing white silk fabric, or add 2 tbsp milk in water during the last rinse to keep the natural color of white silk fabric and prevent it from yellowing.

9, wash white clothes with radish boiled water

if there is more dirt, you can wash them with radish soup, they are as white as new.

10, properly use bleaching powder to wash white clothes

in order to make white clothes more white, when washing, add bleaching powder to the soaked washing powder solution and soak it for 20; Wash in 30 minutes.

or use bleach to clean the clothes. First rub the clothes with ordinary washing powder, and then pour about a bottle of bleach. In 80-100 degrees of water, put the clothes in it and just immerse them completely. You can’t put too much bleach or too little bleach. If you put too much bleach, it will hurt your clothes. If you put too little bleach, it will have no effect. The soaking time is about 30 minutes. At this time, the ugly color on the clothes is almost lost. If it doesn’t fall off completely, it can be repeated again for a short time.

attention: the clothes bleached with bleach should be soaked in warm water for more than ten to twenty minutes, or it will be harmful to the body.

11, proper use of whitening agent to wash white

, whitening agent sold in shopping malls can also be used to clean white clothes to remove yellow stains.


(1) when using whitening agent, white clothes should be washed separately, even if the color is similar and does not fade clothes should not be mixed together.

(2) soak in clean water for 15 minutes after washing, and try not to let the clothes remain whitening agent and other washing products.

(3) it is better to wear rubber gloves during the whole process to prevent 84 disinfectant from damaging the skin.

12, wash white with ammonia water

. When washing, add 2 tbsp of ammonia water, soak for a few minutes, scrub, and then clean with water to remove sweat stains.

13, add hydrogen peroxide to wash white

(1) the bleached silk and wool fabrics can be washed with 3% hydrogen peroxide, and the liquid volume is about 10 times of the fabric weight.

(2) add a little ammonia water to make it slightly alkaline, dip and bleach it at room temperature for 5-10 hours, then wash and dry it.

14. If the yellowing is too serious, change it ~

3、 How to prevent the white clothes from yellowing

1 and wash them in time, It’s easier to leave yellow stains if you don’t wash it for a long time.

2, separate cleaning

white clothes should be cleaned separately to avoid the color of other clothes.

3, add color fixing agent before cleaning

, add color fixing agent before washing clothes (generally sold in regular laundries). A piece of clothes needs about 13-14g, soak for 2-3 minutes, and then wash it with soap. This can ensure that the color of the clothes does not fade easily.

4, pay attention to master the water temperature

white clothes is best washed with cold water, or rinse water temperature and washing water temperature is similar. For example, after washing white clothes in warm washing powder or soapy water, it’s better to use water with similar temperature for the first time. If the clothes are put into cold water immediately after washing, the detergent contained in the fiber will be surrounded by the sudden cold shrinkage of the fabric, which is not easy to wash. The detergent left in the clothes will make the clothes yellow and discolored.

5, clean

, try not to leave soap, washing powder and other washing products on the clothes, which will have side effects on the skin. Besides water, inorganic salt and urea, the sweat also contains lactic acid, fatty acid and a variety of amino acids. The organic matter that has not been completely washed remains on the clothes and turns yellow after a long time of oxidation.

6. Avoid exposure to the sun after cleaning

. After cleaning, put it in a cool place and slowly dry it. Do not expose it to the sun.

here is the air drying after cleaning, which does not conflict with the sun exposure when cleaning with lemonade.

7. When drying clothes, turn them upside down. The inside of the clothes is sunny and the outside is shady.

8 and

should be kept dry during storage. The yellowing of fabric in wet state is much larger than that in dry state. You can find a clean white plastic bag, put these light colored clothes in it, seal the plastic bag, tie the mouth of the plastic bag a little tight, and exhaust the air inside. Then tighten the plastic bag mouth, find a rubber strip or rope to tie the plastic bag mouth tightly.

white clothes cleaning tips: 666772333

1, soap is best not to be used to wash white clothes, soap after washing, white clothes themselves will appear yellow, and the version will become rigid.

2. If the white clothes are fur, it is recommended to send them to dry cleaning. They are not suitable for washing by themselves in the family environment and will be damaged. At the same time, some white clothes turn yellow too seriously. If it’s inconvenient to clean, you might as well send them to dry cleaners directly, which is more professional.

warning: be careful to avoid using chlorine bleaching agent. Spandex elastic fiber, silk, wool and other fabrics, contact with chlorine bleaching agent will make it more yellow.

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