Six different eating methods of ginseng:

Six different ways to eat ginseng:

six different ways to eat ginseng:

slice, convenient:

slice ginseng, take 2 & mdash each time; It is suitable for the healthy people who need to take tonic.

tea, simple and no waste:

cut ginseng into thin slices, take about 3 grams each time (about 5 & mdash; Put it into a thermos cup, pour boiling water into it, cover it for about half an hour, and take the place of tea. This method can be used to brew repeatedly until ginseng tea is tasteless. Finally, ginseng dregs can be chewed. The method is simple, does not waste medicinal materials, and is suitable for long-term use.

steaming, can be used many times:

cut ginseng into pieces or small sections, put into the porcelain bowl, add water, cover, put the porcelain bowl into the pot with cold water in advance. In the pot with a slow fire steaming about 1 hour (pay attention not to dry the water). After warming, drink the ginseng juice in a bowl. Ginseng can be cooked repeatedly for 3 & mdash; 5 times, you can add other supplements, such as jujube, longan, rock sugar, medlar, Lily and so on.

powder swallowing, make full use of:

grind ginseng into fine powder, swallow it daily, or grind ginseng into powder and take it with boiling water, the dosage depends on the constitution, generally take 1 & mdash each time; 1.5g. This method is mostly used for more valuable ginseng, such as wild ginseng.

decoction, quick onset:

will be the whole ginseng or ginseng slices after washing into a container, add water, soak for 30 minutes, then cover, simmer for about 1 hour, wait for ginseng juice to become warm before drinking. This kind of medicine juice has high concentration of effective components, strong tonic effect and quick onset, which is suitable for the patients who are recovering from serious diseases. However, this method is a waste of medicinal materials, and it is not suitable to choose ginseng with good quality and high price.

, soak medicinal wine, use ginseng:

, cut the whole ginseng or slice into a bottle, use 50 & mdash; 60 degree Baijiu soaked and taken daily, has the effect of dispelling wind and dispersing cold, activating blood circulation and dredging collaterals. However, alcohol allergy or liver disease patients should not take alcohol immersion is suitable for ginseng and other less valuable parts.

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