Six disadvantages of eating fast food: pay attention to 7 points fast food is also healthy

six disadvantages of eating fast food:

1, unbalanced nutrition supply;

only pays attention to the supply of meat, sugar and fat, but lacks vegetables, fruits, cellulose, etc. And vitamins and minerals are relatively lacking, so long-term consumption of fast food will lead to nutritional imbalance.

2, unsatisfied

some fast food restaurants have a large number of orders, usually a staff member has to wash a lot of dishes, so some dishes may not be washed clean. For example, when eating fast food, I found that there was hair in it, there were weeds in vegetables, and so on. There are also reports of cockroaches in fast food restaurants! It can be seen that fast food may not be clean.

3, too much salt and oil seasonings

white collar workers who often eat fast food know that many fast food have a lot of oil, which will make people fat and increase their cholesterol content. In addition, some fast food taste heavy, that is, put more salt. Too much salt is bad for your health. In addition, in order to make the food taste better, some fast food restaurants will put some monosodium glutamate and other additives. Long term intake of additives will affect the normal function of *. Moreover, excessive taste will lead to taste fatigue and feel that the food cooked at home has no taste.

4 Some fast food restaurants use cooking oil to fry vegetables in order to save cost. We don’t need to repeat what waste oil is and what harm it does to *. I believe everyone knows.

5. There is a problem with the quality of the fast food box

. Many white-collar workers call for takeout. Let’s not talk about the environmental impact of discarding the takeout box. Let’s just say whether the box will release harmful substances under the high temperature of the food. It’s unknown. And the box may not be strictly disinfected. It’s hard to say whether the bacteria carried by the box in the production process will pollute the food. Therefore, even if white-collar workers want to eat fast food, it’s better to go to the store instead of ordering takeout.

6, cause obesity

often eat fried fast food may cause obesity. Fast food such as hamburger, fried food and single food can cause hormone changes in the body, making it difficult to control the amount of food. Relevant studies in the United States also show that if you eat fast food, the high protein, high calorie and high fat in your body will make you fat. As the saying goes: & lt; Long belt, short life& rdquo; Obesity is the main cause of metabolic syndrome. Children who especially like fast food are bound to become obese due to excessive intake of fat and sugar, resulting in excess calories.

But pay attention to 7 points. Fast food is also healthy. Pay attention to the way of food processing. Avoid fried, breadcrumbed or buttered food. Remove the crispy skin when eating fried chicken, or choose roast chicken.

2、“ Uninstall & quot; Fast food seasoning. Most fast food restaurants have hamburgers, salads and sandwiches with high-fat seasonings. When ordering, you can ask the waiter to put the seasoning on the other side, or simply discard the extra seasoning.

3, add more vegetables. Ask the waiter to add more vegetables, not only can intake more vitamins and dietary fiber, but also enhance the sense of satiety.

4; No & quot;. When eating fast food, drink only boiled water. You can add lemon to the boiled water, or choose ice tea without sugar.

5 , don’t eat & lt; Big Mac & quot; Fast Food. No matter what food you eat, the right amount is the key. Please try to choose a small snack.

6. You might as well spend more money. You are always asked by the order takers of fast food restaurants that you can upgrade to a large set meal with only 2 yuan. There are more meat and soda in it. You can eat more, and it seems to save money, but in fact, there was no excessive energy, and it was upgraded with your upgraded package. Try to get smaller portions of food, which seems to cost more money, but eat a lot less. A smaller purse can also make your waistline smaller.

7. Sit down and eat. Don’t walk. When we eat fast food, we should sit down and eat instead of walking. It’s good for our health to chew slowly. Obviously, it will take more time to sit down and eat, but you will eat less. When you’re eating while driving, you’ll pay little attention to how much food you put in your mouth. Like eating a dinner, calm down and eat slowly, so that you won’t eat more and get hungry faster.

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