Six habits after a meal will lead to longevity. Learn how to keep in good health after a meal

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six habits after a meal will lead to longevity

sit down or lie down immediately after a meal; Rice Gas & quot; Heavy, easy to sleepy, many people will be used to sit down or lie down to rest for a while. However, sitting down or lying down immediately after a meal will cause pressure on the intestines and stomach, which is not conducive to food digestion. In the long run, gastrointestinal disorders, constipation may occur, unable to discharge body toxins. Toxin accumulation, leading to body swelling, abdominal obesity. In addition, sedentary after meals will affect the lymphatic smooth, not conducive to body metabolism.

eating fruit after meals

eating fruit after meals can relieve greasiness, but it is not a good eating habit. After food enters the stomach, it takes time to digest. Eat fruit immediately after a meal, the fruit will be blocked by the previous meal and cannot be digested normally. If fruits stay in the stomach for a long time, it will cause abdominal distension, diarrhea or constipation. If we stick to this lifestyle for a long time, it will lead to digestive dysfunction.

in addition, after dinner, the body needs more energy. Although the calories of fruits are not high, for the body’s heat demand, this part of the calories is & lt; Superfluous & quot; Yes& ldquo; Superfluous & quot; If you hoard more calories, it will form fat and make you fat. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat fruit immediately after meals. Fruit is best eaten between meals, which is not only conducive to digestion, but also can enhance people’s sense of satiety, reduce meal intake, avoid excessive calorie intake, and is conducive to weight loss.

drink yogurt after meals

yogurt is really a good helper to lose weight, but it does not mean that drinking yogurt at any time will not lead to obesity. Yogurt itself contains a certain amount of energy, 100 grams of yogurt calories for 72 calories, even skim yogurt energy is not low. After eating yogurt, is equal to the extra intake of these energy, every day so, weight may increase. Generally speaking, drinking yogurt between 30 minutes and 2 hours after a meal is the best.

Drink water after meals

drinking water immediately after meals will dilute the gastric juice, so that the food in the stomach does not have time to digest into the small intestine, weakening the digestive ability of gastric juice, easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases. If you drink soda after meals, it is even more unfavorable for your body. The carbon dioxide produced by soda is easy to increase the intragastric pressure, leading to acute gastric dilatation.

smoking after meals; A cigarette after a meal is better than a living immortal& rdquo; In fact, this practice is very harmful to human body. Because the human body’s gastrointestinal peristalsis is very frequent after meals, the blood circulation is also accelerated, and the digestive system has started a comprehensive movement. If you smoke at this time, the strength of smoke absorption in the lungs and whole body tissues will be greatly strengthened, resulting in a large number of harmful components in the smoke being absorbed, which has a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory and digestive tract, and will undoubtedly bring much greater harm to the human body function and tissues than usual smoking.

drink strong tea after meals

tea contains a lot of tannic acid, drink strong tea after meals, will make just eat undigested protein and tannic acid combined to form sediment, affect the absorption of protein; The substances in tea will also hinder the absorption of iron, and form the bad habit of drinking strong tea after meals for a long time, which is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia; In addition, drinking tea immediately after meals, a large amount of water into the stomach, will dilute the digestive juice secreted by the stomach, thus affecting the digestion of food by the stomach.

After a meal

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