Six kinds of food for women to replenish qi and blood: ten kinds of medicated food for women to replenish qi and blood:

Qi and blood is the root of human health. Deficiency of Qi and blood can lead to women’s pale face and affect women’s appearance. Many girls are more or less deficient in Qi and blood. The best way for women to replenish qi and blood is to nourish food. So what kind of food should they eat for deficiency of Qi and blood? What does the woman fill Qi and blood to eat good? Today, I’d like to share with you six kinds of food and three kinds of medicated diet for women to replenish qi and blood. Let’s have a look.

What’s good for women to Nourish Qi and blood

1, Lycium barbarum

? Lycium barbarum can be soaked in water with jujube to drink, or you can add a little Lycium barbarum to make soup, which can also play the role of enriching blood.

2, fish glue

fish glue also has the best effect of replenishing qi and blood and nourishing face, which is helpful for those with insufficient Qi and blood, mental fatigue and body fatigue, unsmooth skin and facial wrinkles.

3, lotus root

lotus root can also be used to enrich blood. Lotus root can be eaten raw, fried vegetables or soup. If it is used to enrich blood, it is better to eat soup. We all know that soup is the most nutritious.

4 and red jujube

red jujube are well-known products of Tonifying Qi and nourishing blood. It contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, organic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, mineral calcium and other amino acids and nutrients, and is of good quality and low price. It can not only cook porridge and soup, but also be eaten directly.

5, black sesame

it is often said that people with white hair can turn their hair black by eating more black sesame. In fact, only those who have tried this function know whether it is available. But black sesame can also enrich blood. Black sesame can be eaten in porridge, or ground into powder and soaked in boiling water. Generally, black sesame powder is sold in supermarkets.

6, red beans

, red beans have the function of promoting blood circulation, removing pus, clearing heat and detoxifying, as well as the effect of diuresis and detumescence, which can help you solve the problem of edema and obesity. As for nutritional value, red beans are rich in vitamin B1, B2, protein and a variety of minerals, and have powerful blood tonifying function.

Ten kinds of herbal food for women to replenish qi and blood

women are more prone to blood deficiency due to their special physiological needs. Only when a woman is full of blood can she make her skin ruddy and glossy. The symptoms of blood deficiency in women are pale and yellow, dizziness, insomnia and forgetfulness. So how should women relieve blood deficiency? Food therapy is a more effective method. Let’s take a look at 10 classic blood tonifying medicated meals:

1, Danggui Wuji soup

ingredients: 1000g black bone chicken, 25g Ligustrum lucidum, 50g Danggui, 15g longan and 5g salt.

method: wash the black bone chicken after dissection, put it in boiling water, high heat for 3 minutes, take it out and wash. Put Ligustrum lucidum, Angelica sinensis (sliced), longan meat and black bone chicken into the utensil, add 1000 grams of boiling water, medium heat for 40 minutes, and then add refined salt when eating. Ingredients: Danggui 10g, dangshen 10g, chicken 2kg, medlar 5g, lotus seed 5g, red jujube 10 pieces, salt 5g, ginger 5g.

method: wash the chicken, fly water (put it into the water, boil for 5 minutes, then pour out the water, and rinse the chicken. The purpose is to remove the floating foam of blood. Wash Angelica sinensis, Codonopsis pilosula, medlar, lotus seed and jujube, and remove the core of jujube. Cut three slices of ginger into a pot with all the ingredients, add enough water, bring to a boil over high fire, then turn to low fire for 2 hours. Season with salt before leaving the pot. Ingredients: 5 red dates, 100g eggs, 15g angelica, 30g brown sugar.

practice: soak Angelica sinensis for 10 minutes, and then brush it gently with a toothbrush. Cut into thin slices. Put the cut Angelica pieces into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to low heat and cook for 15 minutes. Put the eggs into the pot, add the cold water without eggs and bring to a boil until cooked. Take it out, soak it in cold water, peel off the egg shell, and prick it on the surface of the protein with a fork. Put the egg into the angelica water, turn it into a big fire, boil it and turn it into a medium and small fire for 10 minutes. Add brown sugar and cook until sugar dissolves.

4, tremella red jujube soup

Tremella is also known as & lt; The bird’s nest of the poor;, The bird’s nest is expensive, though it is mended. Tremella is similar to bird’s nest in color, taste and efficacy. It is cheap, so it is called poor people’s bird’s nest. Bird’s nest tonic is easy to catch fire, tremella for cold tonic has the effect of moistening dryness. Dry gas and fire gas are harmful to human body. It is most effective to remove fire and dryness and eat Tremella fuciformis. With tremella, dried longan, medlar, jujube soup, this soup is not only delicious, but also breast, make your face white and red, body light and slim.

5, black glutinous rice blood porridge

black glutinous rice, longan and red jujube are all known as good blood tonic ingredients. In addition, yam with high nutritional value has more significant effect of Supplementing Qi and blood. With black glutinous rice, red dates, longan, yam, brown sugar soup, every month remember to drink oh. Small reminder, although the longan can supplement blood gas, promote blood circulation, but not easy to digest, each time put 78 can (cold stomach friends can under 2 red ginseng).

6, Danggui Hongzao spareribs

in the season, the skin is easy to dry rough, itching & hellip& hellip; You can use a sparerib, medlar, red dates 12, angelica 4, the sparerib washed blood into the casserole, add medlar, red dates, angelica, you can also put some onion, ginger, high fire boil, and then simmer until spareribs crisp, salt, chicken seasoning. When the above ingredients are stewed together, they can nourish yin, moisten dryness, nourish skin and protect skin.

7, nourishing beauty and nourishing blood oatmeal porridge

first soak the dried walnuts, red dates and longan, clean the oats, pour them into the electric rice cooker, add appropriate amount of water, and boil them! Remember to look at the time, porridge rolled to the porridge stalls, put some brown sugar before the pot.

8, double red blood tonifying soup

, 500g sweet potato, 10g red jujube, appropriate amount of brown sugar, 2000ml water. After preparation, boil together. When the sweet potato is ripe, add brown sugar. If you like to eat pumpkin, you can also change the sweet potato into pumpkin.

9, soybean and Sydney pig’s foot soup

it’s good for women to drink pear soup often. Pears have existed since ancient times; The master of all fruits & quot; It’s a good reputation for making soup with Sydney, which can remove cough, moisten lung, clear heart and beautify skin. Drink this pear soybean pig hand soup, for smooth skin, relieve the sound sand, dry mouth has obvious effect, but also lower blood pressure. 1 pear, 50 grams of soybean, half pig’s feet, 3 slices of ginger, salt, water to remove the smell of pig’s feet, divided into pieces; Add the peeled and chopped Sydney, soybeans and a piece of ginger, add enough water to boil until boiling, maintain the high heat, continue to boil for 15 minutes, turn the low heat to cook for another hour, and the soup will be ready. Add salt to taste before drinking.

10, papaya tremella soup

tremella, papaya, jujube, rock sugar, put the soaked Tremella in the pot, boil, then put the red jujube, turn down the heat, boil for half an hour, put the rock sugar and papaya to boil, and then you can get it up.

Buqixue medicated wine

1 and rose wine

many female sex friends are often worried about freckles and chloasma on their faces. This kind of disease is often seen in patients with liver depression and qi stagnation. This kind of women are often accompanied by chest pain, irregular menstruation, chest tightness Qi stagnation, depression and other symptoms, while rose has the effect of promoting qi to relieve depression, soothing liver and stomach, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. Rose wine production method is: take fresh rose 350 grams, rice wine 1500 ml, the Rose Bubble in the wine, because the rose petal is very thin, its composition is very easy to penetrate out, soak a few days can drink. Its effect is relatively mild. Ingredients: 20 grams of betel nut, 20 grams of orange peel, 10 grams of Angelica sinensis, 10 grams of green peel, 5 grams of Amomum villosum, 10 grams of rose and 1500 ml of yellow rice wine. Production method: in addition to the yellow rice wine, mash it into coarse powder, wrap it in a clean gauze bag, tighten the mouth of the bag, put it into the yellow rice wine, simmer for 30 minutes, add a little rock sugar, and stir to melt. Take out the medicine bag, bottle the wine and cover it.

3, glutinous rice wine

materials: 4000g glutinous rice, 500g rock sugar, 2000ml rice wine, proper amount of sweet wine powder (koji). Making method: first wash the glutinous rice, add water to the pot and steam it in the pot. When it is just ripe, take it out and spread it out to cool down. When the hand touches the glutinous rice and feels warm, sprinkle the sweet wine powder evenly, put wolfberry or Astragalus properly, and then put it into the container, sealed and kept warm for 24 hours; After 48 hours, add rice wine and rock sugar to Kaifeng, seal again and serve the next day.

4, Ejiao wine

Ejiao has a good effect of blood, hemostasis, nourishing Yin, moistening dryness. In addition, donkey hide gelatin is rich in protein degradation components. It can moisturize the skin by nourishing blood, which is conducive to the health care of the skin. After taking it, it will make the complexion ruddy, the skin tender, glossy, elastic, and has a certain freckle removing effect. The production method of Ejiao wine is: use 25ml yellow rice wine every day, put 3 ~ 9g Ejiao in the wine, stew hot, then drink, can be divided into two times in the morning and evening.

5, Siwu wine

many women are interested in & lt; Siwu Tang & quot; It is no stranger to Angelica sinensis, radix rehmanniae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong and Radix Paeoniae Alba; Four leading roles;, It is a classic prescription for tonifying blood and regulating menstruation in Chinese Pharmacopoeia. In addition to these four things, they can also be used to make wine. Many women are prone to dysmenorrhea due to blood deficiency, with pale complexion, lack of rudeness, and cold hands and feet. At this time, these four herbs can be used to make wine.

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