Six kinds of food naturally protect hair to produce black and thick hair

even King Liu Dehua said that “his dream lover must have a beautiful black hair”, which shows how important a healthy and beautiful hair is to a woman. The more natural maintenance, the deeper hair like, and we have a lot of fruit around the hair has a very good maintenance effect. Next, take a look at the six natural “conditioner” you can’t miss.


oranges are also called mandarin oranges, which contain a large amount of vitamin C. Citrus essential oils extracted from citrus peel can enhance human immunity, calm nerves, relieve anxiety and psychological stress, and have a strong anti-aging effect. Citrus essential oil used in hair care, can play a cool refreshing, remove the role of dandruff.

honey peach

honey peach contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B and C, which can deeply moisturize and firm the skin, make the skin moist and elastic, and enhance the skin resistance. At the same time, honey peach can also give a high degree of moisture and moisture to the hair, and enhance the softness of the hair.


apple contains a lot of nutrients for skin and hair. Malic acid can prevent the dryness of skin and hair, vitamin C can whiten the skin, pectin can keep the moisture of skin and hair. In addition, the nutrients in apple can inhibit the growth of dandruff, calm scalp and relieve itching.


papaya is known as longevity melon by the world. Papaya contains enzymes similar to human growth hormone. Eating more can make people keep young, and it contains rich vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, carotene, lutein, etc., which can provide a variety of nutrients for hair, remove the accumulation of old and waste protein, and provide deep clean and nourishment for hair.


kiwifruit is the king of fruit nutrition, rich in carotene, vitamin C, arginine, in addition to the excellent ability of anti-aging, namely anti radiation, oxidation and free radicals, also contains a lot of ALA acid, can help hair maintain moisture, prevent hair drying, can comprehensively improve the hair state.


carambola is called vitamin vitality spirit. This tender and juicy fruit has the highest sugar content among all fruits. It contains sucrose, fructose, glucose, malic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, vitamin B, B, C, trace fat, protein and other nutrients, which can help digestion, nourishment and health care, It can moisturize and enhance the elasticity of the hair, and let the hair return to its natural beauty.

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