Six tips for new car odor removal: make your car odor disappear

; New car & quot; The main component of the smell is the harmful chemical gas emitted by the materials inside the car, which makes people feel very uncomfortable when driving. It may be due to the smell of the car itself or the smell emitted by the interior of the car. Here’s how to get rid of the smell of new cars.

Six tips for new car odor removal:

first: ventilation odor removal method, Maintain the circulation and convection of fresh air in the car.

the second move: charcoal deodorization method

the bought black charcoal, wrapped with clean, breathable gauze, and then put into the trunk of the car, charcoal can absorb the car odor.

The third move: Fruit deodorization

can be placed lemon or pineapple, cut lemon or pineapple, so that its fruit aroma will be very good volatilization, resist the car odor.

fourth move: photocatalyst deodorization method

photocatalyst is a photocatalyst developed by nanotechnology, which is specially used for the treatment of indoor air pollution. The photocatalyst has the advantages of strong purification ability, stable effect, no secondary pollution and low maintenance cost.

The fifth move: odor removal method of negative ion air purifier

buy a negative ion air purifier, about 300 yuan, which can remove the peculiar smell in the car and let the driver breathe fresh air.

sixth move: vinegar taste method

when you do not use the car, play a small bucket of water, and then add some vinegar, put in the car, water can absorb formaldehyde, and vinegar can play a role in stabilizing formaldehyde.

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