Six tips to eliminate the dead corner of carpet cleaning to restore the original appearance

carpet on the ground is really good-looking, but if you don’t pay attention to maintenance, there are many dead corners of cleaning that we can’t see, so let’s let Xiaobian tell you how to maintain and restore the original appearance.

Six tips to eliminate the dead corner of carpet cleaning: restore the original appearance

1. Avoid light

. Avoid strong direct sunlight as far as possible to avoid the aging and fading of carpet.

2. Antifouling

during use, it is not allowed to be contaminated with oil, acid substances, colored liquid, etc. in case of pollution, it should be immediately wiped with high-quality carpet cleaning paste.

3. Dust removal

carpet surface fiber, easy to accumulate dust, should often use a vacuum cleaner along the hair direction cleaning, do not use toothed or rough edge tools, in order to avoid damage to the carpet surface.

4. Guard against falling wool

. If there is falling wool on the carpet, soak it with a clean towel, wipe it with hot water, comb it straight with a comb, and iron it with an iron pad and a wet cloth.

5. Anti concentrated point pressure

in use, cushion should be placed or furniture should be changed frequently at the place where the legs of furniture contact the carpet. For the parts with serious wear and tear, in addition to using cover to protect them, they can also be used in different positions.

6. Ventilation and moisture-proof

the room with carpet should pay attention to ventilation and moisture-proof, in order to avoid carpet moth, mildew, if found moth, corrosion and other phenomena, should ask professional repair.

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