Skilful removal of pigment

1, skilful removal of pigment on skin : skin is delicate and sensitive. If you accidentally splash oily pigment, don’t use turpentine to wipe it, you can try olive oil in the kitchen. Drop olive oil directly on the paint and gently wipe off with a wet paper towel. Olive oil breaks down pigment, so it’s easy to clean your skin in a small amount.

2, shoe polish brush a brand new toilet : the cracks between the tiles will turn yellow when the toilet is used for a long time. You can use a brush or paintbrush dipped in some white shoe polish, brush the tile seam again, the yellow tile seam will be as white as ever, the whole bathroom looks as if it has changed.

3, remove sewer odor : after onion and fish are treated in the kitchen, the sewer will leave a long-lasting odor. At this time, you can peel some oranges, oranges or lemons and plug them in the water outlet of the sink.

4, prevent clothes from being damaged by ironing : silk and some synthetic fiber clothes are easy to be damaged by ironing. You can apply some baby talcum powder on the bottom of the iron, and then heat the iron until talcum powder can not be seen at the bottom before ironing. You can also sprinkle some on your clothes. Because talcum powder can form a smooth protective film.

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