Small apartment space saving coup: clever use of corner space storage

now the society is really the so-called inch of land and money, when the small apartment is in power, every corner of the family has to make good use of it. A bed in the bedroom basically takes up half of the space. It’s really great to use such a large space under the bed for storage.

small apartment space saving tips: clever use of corner space for storage

, but often everyone will be filled with debris under the bed, it is very inconvenient to take things, and it is easy to cause storage dead angle, so we should make full use of the space under the bed to plan the storage function.

there are two kinds of storage under the bed. According to the difference of the bed, one is the bed with storage cabinet under the bed, and the other is the bed with a certain space below.

the bed with storage cabinet may not be particularly flexible, but it saves the trouble of purchasing and arranging storage boxes. If you want to store properly, you must think clearly before sorting out. You should divide the sundries that you need to store into several categories, such as things that you can easily get when you want, necessities at home, things that you throw away and feel sorry for, things that will be used when the seasons change, souvenirs, gifts given by others, things that have never been used, and so on. Then you can sort out the sorting order from them. Put the necessary things in the place where they can be easily used, and the ones that are not commonly used in the depth.

the bed board of this kind of bed can be pulled up. After the mattress is pulled apart, the storage bed box below is exposed. This kind of storage mode can make the stored things clear at a glance, and it won’t be very difficult to find things, and the appearance can’t be seen, so it’s a good place to hide.

for the bed without its own storage cabinet, the selection of the storage box under the bed is the key, we must pay attention to the following points:

1, size

before buying the storage box, we must first measure the space size under the bed, especially the height between the floor and the bed board, and carefully measure, so as to avoid the storage box is too high to put in.

2, materials

there are many kinds of storage box materials on the market, such as rattan, plastic, non-woven and so on. If you are worried that the floor is too damp, it is recommended to choose plastic products.

3, storage

before choosing the storage box, you should first think about the items you plan to store. For example, if you want to store clothes, because you are worried about dust, you should choose the covered storage box with good sealing performance. If it is used to store toys, the drawer type storage box can be used instead, so that children can directly open the drawer, pick up and tidy up toys by themselves without pulling out the whole box.

4, convenience of taking

the size of the storage box under the bed is usually larger than that of the general storage box, and it is placed at the bottom of the bed with very low height, so it is not convenient to take. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers choose the style with handle or the storage box with wheels at the bottom, which can increase the convenience of access.

5, discernibility

there is a whole row of boxes under the bed. When you want to find something, you can’t remember which box it is. In order to avoid this kind of trouble, it is suggested to choose transparent boxes; If the storage box is made of cloth, the transparent cover or label style is appropriate.

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