Smart storage makes you no longer panic to find things

Smart storage makes you no longer flurried to find things

smart storage makes you no longer flurried to find things

system hanger

can hang clothes, bags, keys and so on, but also look in the mirror, take a look at the message, a comprehensive hanger can do all the steps before going out.

luggage rack in the entrance

in addition to clothes hooks, special shelves are set up in the entrance to hang various kinds of bags, and a small storage basket can also be used to hold fragmentary items.

to & lt; Go out partner & quot; An Gejia

glasses, keys, every small item before going out has its own place, but also hanging clothes, so that go out more will not be lost.

the dresser can move

lotion in here. Towels are there. It’s better to put them in a mobile rack, where they want to use them, and to eat two breakfast while dressing up can save time.

is more convenient to wear shoes

although the common shoe cabinets are well closed, they are still inconvenient to take. The light shoe rack fixed on the wall makes it much easier to put on and take off shoes.

subdivision is good, make-up

after washing the face, open the drawer is a complete set of make-up products clearly arranged, without moving, you can quickly complete the morning skin care or simple make-up.

is it OK without hands?

the time of opening and closing the drawer can also be saved. The drawer under the mirror cabinet is designed with rebound damping, which can not only realize storage, but also save finishing time.

label is the quickest way to find things

the drawers and cabinets under the dressing table are clearly separated, but it’s hard to avoid confusion when searching. It’s better to use labels to mark things clearly, leaving a lot of time for searching.

hook creative

wall hook with a sense of design can be used to hang everyday items, the same style with the clock can also accurately remind the time.

independent small bag at a glance

independent small storage bag designed on the shower curtain can store fragmentary toiletries at a glance when looking for them and pick them up when using them.

cabinet door coat hook

the clothes you are going to wear the next day can be ready to hang outside the wardrobe the day before, so that you can save a lot of time searching in the wardrobe.

mobile small shoe rack

is the same as the transitional hanger. The mobile small shoe rack can store several pairs of shoes that you usually wear. It can move freely in the entrance, cloakroom and other space, so you don’t have to run around to find clothes and shoes, which wastes time.

divide accessories

common watch accessories and so on need to have reasonable storage habits. Dividing them into fixed drawers and storage boxes can also provide a lot of convenience for searching.

transparent shoe box is best to find

. Want to find the pair you want to wear in the mountain of shoe boxes? As long as the transparent shoe box is not difficult, but also can be used to pack bags, small accessories, transparent material is best to find.

set transition hanger

through one or two times do not need to wash clothes, the next day ready to wear clothes, can be suspended on the special transition hanger, let the next morning to find clothes more simple.

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