Soap has so many magical functions:

soap has so many magical functions:

1, remove moldy smell: in Meiyu season, there will be moldy smell on drawers, closets and clothes in the room. Put a piece of soap without wrapping paper in it, and the moldy smell will be eliminated. In the toilet, put the broken soap into the bottle, add boiling water to soften the soap, and it will send out fragrance. There are also some soap water when cleaning the garbage can, which can also remove the odor.

2, remove mildew spots on leather clothes:

mildew spots on leather clothes can be wiped repeatedly with a towel dipped in soapy water to remove the dirt, immediately scrub with clean water, then air dry, and then apply Jiake oil to remove mildew spots.

3. Clean the range hood:

cut up the soap and heat it, make it into a paste, and apply it to the impeller surface of the range hood. When cleaning the next time, you don’t need detergent, just soak it in water, and wipe it with a rag, which is labor-saving and environmental friendly.

4, lubrication zipper:

new zipper is often astringent, with soap on it back and forth row a few times, you can become smooth and easy to use. When the drawer in the home is not easy to pull, you can apply soap directly on the track, it will be very slippery.

5, cutting leather or rubber:

when doing manual work, it is difficult for ordinary knives to cut leather or rubber, but it is easier to apply some soap on the blade. Apply some soap on the saw blade, it will not get stuck when sawing, and it is not easy to break.

6, screw in:

it’s very hard to screw in the wood. If you wipe the screw with soap in advance, you can screw it in smoothly.

7, check whether there is air leakage in the pipeline: 6667

apply thick soapy water on the pipeline, open the gas valve, if there is air leakage, you can see the generation of bubbles.

8, lubrication pipe sleeve:

it is very difficult to put a plastic pipe sleeve on the gloves of a bicycle, put a rubber sheath on the pedal, or plug the leather pipe into the port of the LPG pressure reducing valve. In the handle or sleeve, with soap and water coated, you can play a role in lubrication, sleeve is also more labor-saving.

9, make ink clear: 6667

if you want to write brush words on a wooden box or cloth, add a small amount of soapy water to the ink, the handwriting will be clearer.

10, make the new rope soft:

the new rope is too hard, you can soak it in soapy water for 10 minutes, it will become soft.

11, treatment of mosquito bites:

itchy skin after being bitten by mosquitoes, soap can be used after water, applied to mosquito bites, a moment can stop itching.

12, solve constipation:

constipation, you can cut the soap into a little thinner than the little finger slightly short, put it in the water, there is no corner, plug it into the anus, the stimulation of foreign body and the softening function of soap can make constipation solve.

13, pre treatment of scald and burn:

after scald or burn, immediately wash with flowing water for 20 minutes, local cooling, if there is no skin ulceration, you can apply soapy water, temporary detumescence and pain relief, and seek medical treatment immediately.

14, easy to move furniture:

use a mop dipped in soapy water to wipe a furniture moving track on the floor, and then use your hand to pull the furniture along the & lt; Orbit & quot; This method can save a lot of effort.

15, easy to pull the curtain:

if it is difficult to pull the curtain, you can put soap on the pull rope of the curtain. After pulling back and forth for several times, opening and closing the curtain will be much easier.

16, to prevent the bathroom mirror blurred:

bath, the bathroom mirror is often misty by water vapor, soap can be used to smear the mirror, and then dry cloth wipe, the mirror will form a layer of soap film, can prevent the mirror from being stained with water vapor and fuzzy, about 3 hours. With astringent make-up water or detergent smear mirror, can also receive the effect of preventing mirror blur.

17, eye waterproof vapor:

when you enter the room from the outside in winter, the glasses will always be covered with a layer of & lt; White fog;, It’s hard to see. Use half dry soap to wipe the lens, wipe both sides evenly, and then wipe with eyeglass cloth to prevent fog.

18. Gastric lavage and detoxification:

if someone has food or drug poisoning, and the child has swallowed small metal articles by mistake, drink some soapy water to induce vomiting before seeing a doctor, which is conducive to treatment. The method is: cut the pure soap into thin strips and dissolve it into soapy water with warm boiled water. Adults drink 300 ml ~ 500 ml, children drink 100 ml ~ 200 ml, can vomit out poison, or from the stool to reduce the degree of poisoning.

19, cleaning brush:

painted the wall of the brush is difficult to clean, but put in soapy water soaking for a period of time to clean.

20, isolation:

before painting, apply some soap in the nail seam, the paint is not easy to embed in the nail seam. Before painting, it’s best to apply a layer of soap on your hands, so that even if you touch the paint, it’s easy to clean.

21, insecticidal:

after the furniture is eaten by insects, you can use soap to block the hole, or use thick soap liquid to pour into the borer hole to kill the insects. It can also block some small ant nests directly.

22, auxiliary saw:

when sawing metal materials with a hacksaw at home, you can first apply soapy water on the saw blade, and then saw, which will save labor, and the saw blade is not easy to break.

23, paste aid:

before pasting on the wall, add a little soap into the paste, fully stir and then paste, which is labor-saving and firm.

24 and

are the most difficult to remove the soot. If the bottom of the pot is coated with a layer of soap before use, and then cleaned after use, the soot deposit at the bottom of the pot can be reduced.

25, to remove stains on stainless steel vessels:

when cleaning stainless steel vessels, first wipe the stains with soapy water, and then wipe them with dry cloth.

26, watch shell anti-corrosion

watch metal shell with soap, and then wipe clean with cloth, can prevent sweat erosion.

27, make soap with soap head

put several soap heads into a clean iron box, add a small amount of washing powder, then add water to soak the soap for about 1cm, and then place the iron box on the edge of the furnace cover which has been pressed and heated slowly. If the water evaporates too much, add water at any time. After the soap head is completely liquefied, mix it well, and then pour it into the prepared soap box or other container. After it is completely solidified and hardened. Insert a knife along the side of the soap box, turn it around, peel it off, pour it out to dry, and then it becomes a piece of soap again. Soap is made by adding 8% balm or cream into the liquid soap, and flower soap is made by adding 7-8 drops of lysol water.

28, soap paste

make the accumulated soap tips into small filaments with a knife or scissors, put them into a heat-resistant container, add a little water, wait for the bubble to swell (the water has no soap crumbs), stir them and heat them in a microwave oven for 2-3 minutes to make the soap crumbs into soap paste. However, it should be noted that if the fragrance of the soap is too heavy, it is better not to heat it in the microwave oven, but to heat it on the fire, so as not to remove the fragrance after it seeps into the microwave oven.

soap paste can be used to wipe the hands of telephone, refrigerator, TV remote control, light switch, etc. Use old towel dipped in a little soap paste gently wipe, and then wet towel wipe again, hand English oil stains can be easily eliminated. And the furniture that plank makes, if furniture surface is primary color or it is the wood that does not paint, cannot clean with soap paste, otherwise can make furniture surface dye color.

29, natural soap powder:

waste soap head in the microwave oven for 30 seconds, fill the swollen soap head into the fresh keeping bag, and roll it with a rolling pin, and the remaining smell in the microwave oven can be removed by baijiu.

30, homemade hand sanitizer:

soap head, add water to boil into liquid in the pot, cool and put into bottle; If it’s too much trouble, just smash the soap head directly, add water, and then put it into a bottle to use as hand sanitizer. The effect is good.

, you can shake the soap and warm water to a full extent, and add a few drops of perfume, essential oil, rose water or a little honey according to your preference. Stir it into the empty bottle of the pressure type hand washing liquid or bath liquid, and use it as a self-made liquid soap. It is fashionable and personalized, and it can maintain the skin. It is worth noting that the shelf life of self-made hand sanitizer is relatively short, it is best to change it every two or three months.

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