Some life tips for girls

Some life tips for girls:

some life tips for girls:

when I go out in the morning, I find that my clothes are wrinkled, so I can’t go out at all. As long as you spray water on the clothes, and then pull away the wrinkles, it’s no problem!

it is clear that it is not getting fat, but how can Lalian pull it! You don’t need to spend money to practice for your aunt. Just use a pencil to add lubrication to the practice, and you can easily practice.

summer is most afraid of armpit sweating or taste, but the commercially available antiperspirant is not so natural, with lemon coated on the clothes are not afraid to wave ~

the weather is getting cold, is the season of sweaters. But unexpectedly the wool head ran out, then let him return to his position with a hairpin! Don’t just cut it off with scissors. I’m afraid I can’t squeeze my jeans home and I can’t carry a tape measure with me. And the size of the neck is just 1 / 2 of the waist, so as long as you measure the pants around your neck, you can know whether the pants are your size. For girls, there are many kinds of vests, such as cute, flat waistcoat, I-shaped vest, etc. If you don’t have so much money to buy so many kinds of clothes, then turn cute into a tank top! If you can put the cute back on, you can also fix the sling to the lower part of the span, and you are not afraid of the clothes moving around? You can’t just throw it away. Take out the razor and easily scrape off all the hair balls.

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