Some misunderstandings we have to know are

The mistakes we have to know in checking drinking:

the mistakes we have to know in checking drinking:

wine has the function of keeping warm and keeping cold. a small amount of alcohol can make the body hot, which is that alcohol causes the skin capillaries to expand. In the later stage of alcohol metabolism, it is easy to cause the skin to emit more heat and form & lt; Cold after drinking;, As a result, the & lt; Keep out the cold with wine & quot; It’s a difficult situation.

wine has analgesic and heart protecting effects. some people think that wine can dredge meridians and activate collaterals, regulate qi and relieve pain, prevent wind cold dampness and chest pain, and reduce the incidence of arthritis and coronary heart disease. It is undeniable that drinking can temporarily alleviate the above symptoms, but the observation data show that the mortality of cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is positively correlated with the amount of drinking, and the mortality is significantly higher than that of non drinkers.

drinking can relieve depression. some people drink when they are in a low mood or depressed, but after drinking too much, they will cause a series of troubles, such as self destruction, beating people and destroying things, or crying endlessly; Pour out the sorrow with wine, and the sorrow will be worse;?

drinking can improve sexual desire. in most people’s minds, alcohol can promote desire and improve sexual function. Now studies have found that alcohol can cause direct toxicity to testes and ovaries, and can have a relatively long-lasting impact on male and female sexual function through its effect on hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

drinking can replace eating and drinking water. some people think that wine is the essence of food, and drinking can replace eating and drinking water. The study found that the main component of wine is ethanol (alcohol), in addition to providing a certain amount of energy to the human body, it has no nutritional value, and can not supplement the necessary protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients for the human body, and alcohol can also affect the digestion and absorption of many nutrients. Over time, there will be serious nutritional failure and life-threatening.

how to deal with headache after drinking

watermelon juice: after drinking, you often feel fever all over the body, which will not only lead to more irritable temper, but also affect the volatilization of alcohol and sleep at night. Therefore, drinking a cup of watermelon juice after drinking can effectively remove heat and fire, and also accelerate the discharge of alcohol from urine.

fresh grapes: no matter before or after drinking, grapes are a good choice. Eating grapes after drinking can quickly achieve the effect of sobering up. And if you eat grapes before drinking, it can also effectively prevent drunkenness.

honey water: honey contains a special fructose, which can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol, so as to relieve headache, especially headache caused by red wine.

tomato juice: after getting drunk, you can drink some tomato juice, which is also rich in fructose, which can help promote the decomposition of alcohol. Drinking more than 300 ml at a time can make dizziness disappear gradually after drinking, and modern research has proved that drinking tomato juice is better than eating raw tomato.

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