Some people are not suitable to eat Chinese onion

The whole body of scallion is treasure, but some people are not suitable to eat it. The whole body of scallion is treasure

. Scallion whiskers: strong antioxidant capacity

. The scallion whiskers are always discarded in cooking. The contents of polyphenols, protein and polysaccharides are rich. They are stable in the ability of removing free radicals and immune regulation The leaves and whiskers of Allium fistulosum are the first of the three parts. Scallion whiskers can be used to make wine. Usually do not use the onion to wash, drain, soak in rice wine, after a period of time to cook with this wine, you can also use the onion to wash pan, add flavor to the dishes. You can also use scallion to make health soup. Scallion 3 ~ 5g, Lycium barbarum 20, Astragalus 20 g, red jujube 4 ~ 6, after cooking can relieve cold, migraine.

scallion leaves: help detoxification and detumescence

scallion leaves in addition to the nutritional components contained in Scallion white, many other nutrients are better than scallion white. For example, the contents of vitamin C, carotene, chlorophyll and magnesium in onion leaves were significantly higher than those in Scallion leaves. It can be regarded as a kind of condiment, or as a green leaf vegetable. The green onion leaves are rich in chlorophyll, which has a certain detoxification and detumescence effect《 It is introduced in diet therapy materia medica that scallion leaves are used to treat swelling and pain; Scallion leaves, dried ginger, Phellodendron amurense. Xianghe Decoction for soup, soak it& rdquo; And “duxingfang” in “duxingfang”; For the treatment of water sickness and swelling of feet: file the leaves and stems of scallion, cook them to make them rotten, and make them on three or five days& rdquo;

scallion white: relieves wind cold and cold.

scallion white is the stem near the root of scallion, which is the main medicinal part of scallion. It has pungent smell and warm nature. Modern pharmacological research shows that scallion white has the effect of sweating and antipyretic, which can strengthen the stomach, diuresis and expectorant Staphylococcus and skin fungi also have a certain inhibitory effect. Especially for cold, stuffy nose and runny nose in winter, it can be fried with ginger and brown sugar to make & lt; Ginger, sugar and scallion & quot; take.

which people are not suitable to eat scallion?

1, lung disease patients

scallion white is into the lung, Chinese medicine is also called “scallion; The dish of the lung《 “The compendium of Materia Medica” preaches: onion & lt; Raw powder is sweet and warm, solid and hollow outside. It’s also a dish for lung disease;. So it is often used to tonify the lung and relieve cough. The simplest way to make soup with scallion is to spread cold in the lung. Why not?

2, body heat

due to onion warm, not suitable for severe heat in the body, such as suffering from lung heat dry cough, stomach heat vomiting, hemorrhoids bleeding, sore ulceration and other internal heat disease people do not eat onion, in order to prevent heat on the heat, aggravating the disease.

3, mental worker

onion can dredge Yang Qi, eliminate the block of yin and evil in human body, ensure the supply of Qi and blood in head, and make brain flexible.

4, anorexia

scallion also into the stomach, so in the treatment of stomach disease in the prescription can always see its figure, it can strengthen the stomach, promote gastric secretion, when the appetite is not good, can’t eat rice, or eat not fragrant, you can add some scallion with fried vegetables, also can eat raw to open the appetite, promote digestion.

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