Sour? It’s healthier to be jealous

? Vinegar + black beans can improve eyesight. Now people use their eyes more, such as brushing friends, playing mobile phones, watching computers and so on. Let’s teach you a little way to improve eyesight. Soak black beans in vinegar and eat them every morning. In addition to improving eyesight, they are also good for chronic fatigue, chills, shoulder pain, high blood pressure High cholesterol also has a good effect, especially in the office people need to try.

2, vinegar + honey to reduce waist and slim

, vinegar and honey to 3:1 ratio, drink two every morning, help to lose weight. The amino acids contained in white vinegar can consume the fat in human body and make the metabolism of sugar and protein go smoothly. The experiment shows that the obese people drink a certain amount of vinegar every day, which has a good auxiliary effect on weight loss.

3, vinegar + baking soda black hair,

baking soda with vinegar, dissolve in warm water to wash hair, stay for 20 minutes and then rinse with water, can make the hair become soft and glossy, black and beautiful, can also reduce dandruff, oil control effect is also good, especially in summer season, more oil, you can use this method.

4, vinegar + warm water to improve skin

add vinegar when washing face and hands, facial wrinkles, hand care will have a good improvement. Add 1 teaspoon vinegar in half basin warm water, mix well, immerse hands in it, massage alternately. Generally, massage from the back of one hand to the fingertip, and then from the fingertip to the back of the hand, about 10 minutes.

5, vinegar + onion hypoglycemic

friends with high blood sugar, you can soak onion in vinegar, and then eat. This method can help cells make better use of glucose and provide brain cells with heat energy, which is very helpful for hyperglycemia.

6, vinegar + Zanthoxylum beriberi gray a

soak Zanthoxylum in vinegar for 1 hour, pour into warm water to soak feet, which has a good improvement on beriberi. Professionals remind that this method is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but also depends on their own actual condition. Foot skin dry, peeling people can use this method, long-term adherence can play a good effect.

7, vinegar + Cucumber to remove acne

. After washing face, wipe vinegar + Cucumber Juice with make-up cotton on the part of acne, and wash it off after 10 minutes, which can relieve acne.

8, vinegar + Atractylodes macrocephala whitening freckle

if there are spots on the face, add appropriate amount of Atractylodes macrocephala in vinegar, wipe the long spots after washing the face, there will be a good improvement.

9, vinegar + mung bean powder skin itching, mosquito bites

mung bean fried into powder, and then mixed with vinegar applied to the skin itching, there will be a good antipruritic effect. For those who have dermatitis, eczema and ringworm, they usually eat less spicy and seafood, and recover faster.

10, vinegar + Banana anorexia

banana cut into thin slices, then soak in vinegar, cover, take out after 24 hours to eat, have a good effect on anorexia. However, some people do not adapt to this taste, which varies from person to person.

11, vinegar + salt hemorrhoids

with vinegar mixed with a little salt, warm water sitz bath for 15 minutes, hemorrhoids have good relief.

12, vinegar + glycerin to remove blackhead

, mix vinegar and glycerin in a ratio of 5:1, apply it for 2-5 minutes every day, to remove blackhead and shrink pores will have an improvement effect.

13, vinegar + garlic eliminate redness and swelling

vinegar bubble garlic, not only taste good, but also has the effect of fishy and help digestion, but also has the effect of avoiding poison, can eliminate the redness and swelling of the body, the body is easy to red itch friends, you can try this method.

stick to & lt; Jealous & quot; To ensure vascular health and normal blood pressure

according to research data, drinking one teaspoon of vinegar every day can reduce blood pressure. It has been speculated that this is due to the generation of vasodilator AMP in the process of acetic acid metabolism. Recently, some studies suggest that this is because acetic acid can act on vascular cells and activate the enzyme that promotes the production of nitric oxide; eNOS”。 Human vascular cells can secrete nitric oxide, which can expand blood vessels and ensure blood circulation. The increase of nitric oxide promotes the patency of blood circulation, ensures the health of blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.

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