Soybean milk machine

soybean milk machine is a common electrical appliance often used in our daily life. The polished soybean milk has a very good effect on the human body and many functions of the human body. The beaten soybean milk is soft and delicious, but the importance of the safe life of soybean milk machine is also common, Now it is mainly composed of some common components. Many people say that there are carcinogens.

soybean milk machine carcinogenic

many people in the rumor of soybean milk machine is carcinogenic, but can in daily life of soybean milk machine parts, can carry on the material long-term use of many skills will be polluted, soybean milk high-speed operation of the general industrial lubricants that will produce a long-term carcinogenic substances, so it will lead to some carcinogenic effect.

most soybean milk machines use bearings, in which tiny oil particles are used. This substance will drill out of the pores when the motor rotates, forming an oil film on the surface of the bearings. In general, this kind of lubricating oil is sealed and will not come into contact with food. It is not harmful to health. However, when the lubricating oil leaks, it may endanger your health. This is the real hidden danger behind the rumor that soybean milk machine causes cancer.

in the bearing, there is an oil jacket, where there will be paste like lubricating oil, because it has to have direct contact with food, so the state requires that the lubricating oil here must be food grade.

therefore, we can see that the lubricating oil in soybean milk machine must be food lubricating oil, so as to ensure your health just in case. The price of this kind of food lubricating oil is much higher than that of industrial lubricating oil. Therefore, in order to make huge profits, many black hearted traders are likely to replace food lubricating oil with industrial lubricating oil, which is a health hazard.

soybean milk machine carcinogenic rumors, although not all believe, but it is undeniable that once the soybean milk machine high-speed operation, industrial lubricants in the toxic substances, will enter into the soybean milk, resulting in soybean milk pollution, long-term use of people, there will be carcinogenic potential. Above

is the connection of soybean milk machine carcinogenesis. Most soybean milk machines are mainly made of bearings, in which tiny oil granular lubricating oil is used. The general industrial lubricating oil with high-speed operation of

soybean milk will produce a long-term carcinogen, which will lead to some carcinogenic effects. Some businesses, It is likely to replace food lubricants with industrial lubricants, which is a health hazard. So long term use may cause cancer.

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