Spring health food therapy 7 points light diet to eliminate spring fire

the changeable climate in spring is a high incidence period of various epidemic diseases, people in the busy study and work should spare time to pay attention to health care, prevention and treatment of diseases. Spring health diet is very important, in the choice of food according to the characteristics of spring choice, to ensure their health.

how to choose food for health preservation in spring:

choose food carefully to reduce diseases

when the temperature rises gradually in spring, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms also begin to breed, enhance their vitality, and are easy to invade the human body and cause diseases. So in the diet should take enough vitamins and minerals. Fresh vegetables such as tapioca, kale, broccoli and fruits such as citrus and lemon are rich in vitamin C.

has antiviral effect of

; Carrots, spinach and other yellow green vegetables are rich in vitamin A.

has the function of protecting and enhancing the upper respiratory tract mucosa and respiratory organ epithelial cells, which can resist the invasion of various pathogenic factors and is conducive to health preservation in spring.

yellow and green vegetables to prevent spring sleepiness

“spring sleepiness” makes people tired and in low spirits. You should eat more red and yellow and dark green vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, green peppers, celery, etc., which are very good for restoring energy and eliminating spring sleepiness.

eat a light diet to eliminate spring fire

people are easy to get angry in spring, with yellow tongue coating, bitter mouth and dry throat. Therefore, the diet should be light and avoid greasy, cold and irritating food.

people with obvious fire symptoms can eat some clear fire food, such as mung bean soup, honeysuckle tea, chrysanthemum tea, lotus seed soaking water, etc.

sweet and pungent products help Chunyang

have some pungent things, such as green onion, ginger, leek, garlic sprouts, etc. are all food for nourishing spring Qi.

there is a saying in the Tang Dynasty’s Qian Jin Fang

that it is easy to eat leeks in February and March. Eating these foods is good for the development of Yang Qi in spring. It is a good product for spring health. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in spring, when the liver is one of the five organs of the human body, it is appropriate to eat xinwenshengsan food, while cold and sticky things should be eaten less, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach. Therefore, it is appropriate to eat more sweet food and less sour food in spring.

gastrointestinal diseases should be careful,

stomach and duodenal ulcer and other diseases are easy to attack in spring,

diet should avoid the intake of creatine, purine and other substances rich broth, chicken soup, fish soup, animal viscera and pungent seasonings, because these foods have a strong role in stimulating the secretion of gastric juice or forming gas to produce abdominal distension, Increase gastrointestinal burden. Avoid these foods in spring.

expectorant lung protection

chronic bronchitis, bronchitis is also easy to attack in spring, should eat more with expectorant, spleen, kidney, lung food, such as loquat, orange, pear, walnut, honey, etc., help to reduce symptoms, for the first choice of spring fruit.

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