Spring health preserving drink 7 kinds of health preserving soup, lung moistening health preserving and not getting sick

now means the arrival of spring, so the practice of spring health preserving soup is

1, pumpkin hairtail soup

materials: hairtail, pumpkin, medlar, bean sprouts, scallion, ginger

seasoning: salt Appropriate amount of vegetable oil


step 1: clean hairtail, chop it into sections, and marinate it with salt, onion and ginger. Peel and seed pumpkin, wash and cut into pieces. Wash wolfberry and bean sprouts.

step 2: clean the pan, add oil, saute ginger slices, fry hairtail and marinade.

step 3: Fry hairtail well, pour in water, add pumpkin and medlar, and cook over low heat until cooked.

step 4: add salt, sprinkle with scallion and bean sprouts.

efficacy: hairtail has a health function, often eat can tonify the five internal organs, kidney and essence; Pumpkin can replenish qi, liver and blood. Taking this soup often helps to prevent oligospermia. Ingredients: white radish (300g), crucian carp (2 pieces), ginger, scallion

seasoning: edible oil, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate (can be added or not)


step 1: clean crucian carp, peel and shred white radish, cut green onion, slice ginger.

step 2: blanch the shredded radish in boiling water and take it out.

step 3: pour the oil into the pot and heat it up, fry the crucian carp thoroughly on both sides, and then add onion and ginger to make it fragrant.

step 4: add boiling water to boil, add a little cooking wine to remove fishiness, cover and turn to low heat to cook until the soup turns milky white.

step 5: add shredded radish, add appropriate amount of salt to taste, continue to cook for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and then sprinkle some scallions.

efficacy: shredded radish and crucian carp soup is a kind of slimming soup handed down through the ages. After autumn radish race ginseng, white radish is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, amylase, oxidase and so on. Crucian carp can replenish qi and spleen, diuresis detumescence, heat clearing and detoxification, reduce cholesterol. The combination of the two can not only reduce phlegm, cough, appetizer and digestion, but also reduce fat and weight, improve the body’s immune ability and prevent colds. It is very suitable for drinking in autumn and winter. For women, it can also improve the skin and sleep quality.

3 Ingredients: hen, corn, carrot, ginger, jujube, peanut, lotus seed, medlar, mushroom

seasoning: salt Milk a little


step 1: old hen to skin, oil, chop. Cut corn into sections. Soak jujube, lotus seed and medlar in cold water for 1 hour.

step 2: Boil the water, blanch the chicken, remove the foam and start the pot.

step 3: chicken, corn, lotus seeds, peanuts, ginger, put into soup pot, add enough water, simmer for 1.5 hours.

step 4: add jujube, medlar and mushroom, and continue to cook for half an hour.

step 5: add salt and a little milk before turning off the heat.

efficacy: the old hen has the effect of warming the middle of the body and replenishing qi, tonifying asthenia, strengthening spleen and stomach. Moderate consumption can enhance physical strength. Corn and carrots can neutralize the heat of chicken soup. It has the functions of invigorating spleen, nourishing liver and kidney, tonifying qi and blood, etc.

4, tremella lily lotus seed soup

materials: lotus seed, tremella (1), Lily

seasoning: rock sugar appropriate amount


step 1: wash lotus seed, open with water, remove the core. Remove the yellow hard base of Tremella fuciformis, tear it into small flowers and soak it in warm water. Wash the lily, remove the root and tear it into pieces.

step 2: add proper amount of water to the soaked tremella and lotus seeds, boil them over high heat, and then turn to low heat for about half an hour.

step 3: add the washed Lily and rock sugar, and then continue to simmer for about 10 minutes.

efficacy: Tremella fuciformis has the functions of tonifying spleen and appetizing stomach, nourishing Yin, clearing heat and moistening dryness. Lotus seed can nourish the heart, tranquilize the mind and brighten the eyes. It has the effect of Tonifying the middle and nourishing the mind, clearing the heart and invigorating the spleen. Lily has the effect of Nourishing Yin, moistening lung, clearing heart and calming mind. It is often used for dry heat cough of lung yin deficiency. The combination of the three can nourish the heart and tranquilize the mind, moisten the lung and relieve cough, and beautify the face.

5 Materials: pig lean meat, Huaishan (yam), medlar, jujube, ginger, shallot

seasoning: salt


step 1: wash the lean meat and cut it into short and thick strips. Peel and slice the ginger. Cut the scallion into sections. Wash Huaishan and slice.

step 2: boil water in a pan, add lean meat after boiling, and blanch until the lean meat changes color. Take out, clean and remove the foam.

step 3: put lean meat into soup pot, add Huaishan slice, jujube, scallion and ginger slice, and add enough water to start pot.

step 4: simmer over medium heat until the water is boiling, turn to low heat and simmer for about two and a half hours. Add wolfberry and simmer for another half hour.

step 5: before leaving the pot, add salt to flavor according to your own taste.

efficacy: huaiqi jujube pot lean meat, is specially for the arrival of autumn and stew soup. Huaiqi and Zizyphus jujuba are both medicine and food, and they are mild in nature and taste; Chinese wolfberry can nourish liver, improve eyesight, tonify kidney and essence; Jujube is sweet, nourishing lung, benefiting liver and spleen. It can nourish yin, moisten dryness, regulate lung and strengthen spleen. Especially when it’s warm to drink, you will feel the dryness and heat fade away and your body fluid will increase greatly.

6, Shashen Yuzhu old duck soup

material: Beishashen (60g), Yuzhu (60g), old duck, ginger,

seasoning: salt


step 1: wash Beishashen, drain and reserve. Wash Polygonatum odoratum and soak in water for 30 minutes. Wash and chop the old duck. Peel and slice the ginger.

step 2: put the duck pieces into the pot, pour enough water, do not cover, heat over high fire, boil the water and remove the foam.

step 3: pour proper amount of water into the soup pot, put in the duck pieces, change to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Then turn off the fire and remove the duck oil.

step 4: add the sea cucumber, polygonatum odoratum and ginger slices, then cover and continue to cook for 1.5 hours.

step 5: before eating, season with salt.

efficacy: Shashen Yuzhu Laoya soup is a classic Guangdong Laohuo soup. Yuzhu in the soup is sweet and cold in nature, moist and liquid in quality, and has the effect of Nourishing Yin, moistening dryness and relieving thirst; It can nourish the stomach and generate fluid, remove deficiency heat, and treat cough due to lung heat. The combination of the two is a good soup for nourishing yin and nourishing blood.

7 Materials: bawanghua (70g), Baihe (50g), mizao (3), Nanxing (15g), Beixing (10g), zhufei (1), zhusuigu (100g), Baihe (50g) Ginger

seasoning: salt


step 1: wash bawanghua, lily, North and South apricot, soak until soft. The date was seeded.

step 2: the pig lung is poured with water from the throat, then kneaded, repeatedly washed and cut into pieces. Stir fry thoroughly with a little cooking oil.

step 3: put the stir fried pig lungs into the stew cup, add water (about 10 small bowls), and cook with bawanghua, jujube, apricot and lily for about 2 hours.

step 4: seasoning with a little salt, you can eat.

efficacy: in autumn, bawanghua is most commonly used to pot pig lung in Guangdong. Bawanghua is a special product of Guangdong Province. It is hotter in Zhaoqing and sweeter in Changzhou. Then add the lily, sweet jujube, South apricot, North apricot and so on. It has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening lung, removing trouble and resolving phlegm, and is suitable for all ages.

Meat soup is not suitable for dinner. It should be light for dinner. Meat soup is oily and high in heat, so it is not suitable for evening consumption.

2, the temperature of soup should not be too hot

recognize that the maximum temperature of oral cavity, esophagus and gastric mucosa can only endure 60 ℃, which will cause mucosal scald and even malignant transformation of digestive tract mucosa. Therefore, the soup should not be hot, wait a moment is better.

3, soup time should not exceed 2h

. Some people think that the longer the soup is cooked, the more nutritious it is. In fact, it is not. Heating for a long time will destroy the vitamins in pot dishes, and the protein will be denatured. Heating for 1 ~ 1.5h can obtain ideal nutritional value. Fish soup time to be shorter, white soup can be.

4. Get rid of the habit of soaking rice with soup

. If you eat soup with rice, you will easily get sick before the rice is chewed, and you will not know how to eat, which will affect the taste of food. In the long run, it will make their digestive function decline, and even lead to stomach disease.

5 Drink soup before meals will be slim and healthy. Drink a bowl of soup before meals to lubricate the mouth and esophagus. It can make the food in the stomach close to the wall of the stomach, enhance the sense of satiety, inhibit the feeding center, reduce people’s appetite and reduce heat inhalation. In fact, most of the protein in meat is not dissolved in the soup, but retained in the meat residue, and the peptides and amino acids are more easily digested by the human body. Therefore, in addition to soup, eat large pieces of meat, meat residue should also be eaten together.

7, old fire soup is good, don’t be greedy oh

old fire soup is not suitable for everyone. Such as pig bone, chicken, duck, which will release purine base and other substances after boiling, gout people who eat too much will aggravate gout. In addition, infants lack of spleen and stomach, soup can not be too fat. Women in special periods, the weak and the sick, the elderly drink soup to be careful. If you don’t know, ask your doctor in advance.

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