Staying up late is easy to cause skin damage and decrease of resistance, which can be remedied by dietary adjustment

staying up late can be said to be a common thing for modern people. How do people who often stay up late recuperate?

human beings have abided by it since ancient times; Work at sunrise and rest at sunset; The rhythm of life. However, some office workers have to stay up late and work overtime infrequently because of their work. It leads to the reversal of day and night. This will lead to the body’s adrenocortical hormone and other hormone secretion disorders, very harmful to health. It involves brain, chest, abdomen, waist, muscle, skin and other parts and organs. Staying up late for a long time is easy to cause skin damage, decreased resistance, memory and vision. If you often stay up late, you can get remedy through dietary adjustment to minimize the damage caused by staying up late.

1, increase enough nutrition

& lt; Night shift people & quot; We must get enough heat energy and insist on eating lunch, dinner and dinner. Don’t go to bed hungry after work, and don’t give up lunch because of sleepiness. Because night work generally consumes more energy than day work, in order to keep energetic, we need to supplement more nutritious, digestible and water rich food.

to increase protein intake, eat lean meat, fresh fish, eggs, milk, bean products, supplement the body’s essential amino acids; When staying up late, the brain’s oxygen demand and oxygen consumption will increase significantly. In addition, when staying up late, the brain will be in the dilemma of lack of oxygen due to the continuous thinking or activities and the poor circulation of the surrounding air. The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in the human body; Deficit;, It is bound to cause brain dysfunction. Therefore, you can eat more lecithin, glutamic acid varieties, such as eggs, oats and so on. The yolk in an egg is lecithin; Rich ore;, Oat is famous for its rich B vitamins. The combination of oat and oat can protect brain cells and promote their rapid recovery.

2, refreshing food may not be good

many people stay up late, often use coffee to improve, although coffee has a refreshing effect. But it will consume the vitamin B group related to the coordination of nerves and muscles in the body. People who lack vitamin B group in the body are easy to feel it. Thus forming a vicious circle.

3 When staying up late, some people think that eating sweets can supplement calories. In fact, sweets are taboos to stay up late. After dinner or stay up late, don’t eat too many sweets. Although high sugar has high calories, it is exciting at first, but it will consume vitamin B group. As a result, it will backfire and easily lead to obesity.

when staying up late, some people think that eating sweet food can supplement calories. In fact, sweet food is a big taboo for staying up late. To ensure sufficient vitamin

, vitamin A is a substance that can regulate the sensitivity of retina. To improve the ability to adapt to dim light, vitamin B is one of the nutritional sources of the visual nerve. Can effectively prevent visual fatigue. Carrot, leek, eel and other foods are rich in vitamin A, lean meat, sesame, wheat germ and other foods contain a lot of vitamin B. Staying up late is absolutely indispensable in the family’s diet. In addition to dietary intake, you can also take a variety of vitamin pills (tablets) and other health products.

5 Stay up late should eat more fruits


carambola contains a variety of components beneficial to human health, such as sugar, vitamin A, vitamin C and a variety of fiber, acid. The rich fruit acid in carambola can inhibit melanin precipitation, and has the effect of moisturizing. It has a significant effect on improving dry or oily skin tissue. For people who stay up late, it’s a good fruit for skin.


as the saying goes & lt; Eating apples every day keeps the doctor away;, Apple is a kind of & quot; All round healthy fruit;, It is rich in organic acids, pectin, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, polyphenols and flavonoids. People who stay up late are prone to constipation or obesity, skin deterioration caused by endocrine disorders. A large number of vitamins and malic acid in apples can decompose the fat accumulated in the body, effectively prevent obesity, increase hemoglobin, and make the skin delicate. Its rich pectin can also promote excretion and prevent arteriosclerosis.


belongs to high potassium food, and its magnesium content is also very rich. Modern medicine has proved that potassium can maintain normal blood pressure and heartbeat, prevent blood pressure rise and muscle spasm, while magnesium has the effect of eliminating fatigue. In addition, the sugar in banana can be quickly converted into glucose, which is immediately absorbed by the human body. It is a fast energy source, so eating banana after staying up late can supplement physical strength.


grape has high nutritional value, in which the glucose content is as high as 10% & mdash; It is also rich in a variety of vitamins and amino acids needed by the human body, which has a very obvious effect on protecting the liver. A large amount of fruit acid is helpful for digestion. Eating some grapes properly can strengthen the spleen and stomach. In addition, grape is rich in antioxidants, which can delay aging. It is very suitable for people who stay up late to eat. It has a good effect on relieving neurasthenia and fatigue.


orange is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C can reduce the harm of computer radiation, inhibit the formation of pigment particles, make the skin white and moist. For people who stay up late, lack of rest will lead to constipation. The unique nutrients such as cellulose, pectin and hesperidin in oranges have the effect of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst and appetizing Qi. They are conducive to clearing intestines and defecating, expelling harmful substances in the body, enhancing the body’s immunity, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels and reducing cholesterol; It’s a good cure;.

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