Steam coffee machine

with the progress of society and the development of science. A variety of equipment into our lives, they can make our life more fast, more convenient. Steam coffee machine is a kind of high-tech product developed recently. Have you ever heard of a steam coffee machine? Have you ever used a steam coffee machine? People are always worried about high-tech products. Do you want to know about it? Then look down!

I believe everyone has used the ordinary coffee machine and understood the principle. Do you know the difference between the steam coffee machine and the ordinary coffee machine? What’s the difference between the principle of steam coffee machine and ordinary coffee machine.

high pressure steam coffee machine is a kind of Italian coffee machine. Steam Italian refers to the so-called high-pressure steam, but the pressure is only 3-5 bar (1bar = 1 atmospheric pressure), which can only make coffee a little stronger than the American drip coffee machine, but can not make coffee containing crema oil, which is similar to mocha pot. The working principle of the high-pressure steam coffee machine is that there is a high-pressure chamber in the coffee pot. When the water begins to produce a large amount of steam, it can not be released through the small hole, so that the pressure in the high-pressure chamber is greater than the atmospheric pressure, so the water rises along the water pipe, and under the effect of the steam pressure generated in the chamber, it flows into the coffee filter, and the coffee oozing from the bottom flows into the coffee cup.

so how to use it is the problem that most people pay attention to. First of all, separate the upper and lower pots, add water to the lower pot, and the water level should not exceed the safety hole on the side of the pot. Then fill the coffee powder with fine grinding, press and smooth it slightly, put it into the lower pot, cover the pressure reducing belt plate with holes, put on the washer, screw on the upper pot, and you can start heating. When the coffee comes out, it’s done.

if you want to know how practical the steam coffee machine is, you can buy one and use it at home. It’s a wonderful feeling to serve a cup of fragrant hot coffee. Please know how to use the steam coffee machine to avoid some dangers and make your coffee more delicious. Are you excited? Then hurry up!

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