Steamed bread in electric cooker

steamed bread is a kind of pasta we are most familiar with. Steamed bread is not only beautiful in appearance, but also delicious. Eating steamed bread often can play a certain role in health preservation and health care. There are many ways of steamed bread. We can make all kinds of steamed bread according to our personal needs for nutrition and taste. Below we will introduce how to use electric rice cooker to steam steamed bread.

steamed bread, also known as steamed bread, steamed bread (in Shanxi dialect, Shaanxi Xifu dialect, Fujian dialect, Northern Anhui have this name, steamed word is a post coined word, some people think that the word comes from the pronunciation of steamed bread in the early Jin dialect. Guanzhong, Zhongyuan and other places are called “steamed bun”, a kind of traditional flour food of Han nationality, which is fermented and steamed with flour. It is round and protruding. This has stuffing, later called no stuffing for steamed bread, stuffing for steamed buns. People usually choose steamed bread as their staple food.

steamed bread is an ancient traditional pasta of Han nationality. It is said that it was invented by Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms period《 In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang captured Meng Huo seven times, and after calming the southern barbarians, he crossed the river and was hindered by the unjust souls who died in the war. In the face of this scene, Zhuge Liang was so anxious that he had to pay homage to the river god, praying for God’s blessing, punishing demons and blessing the living beings. Zhuge Liang could not bear to sacrifice with his head, and invented steamed bread as a substitute. So he ordered the cattle and pigs to be slaughtered, wrapped into dough and thrown into the water to show his worship. Later, the folk custom. This is probably the origin of “steamed bread”“ “Mantou” means “Mantou”. Steamed bread is a kind of food made by mixing flour with water, sugar, etc. and steaming after fermentation. The shape of the finished product is hemispherical or long strip. In Jiangnan area, this kind of pasta with meat, vegetables, bean paste and other fillings is called steamed bread, while steamed bread without stuffing is called white steamed bread. It is delicious, soft and nutritious. It is one of the essential staple foods on the table. China has a vast territory, many nationalities, different tastes, different methods, which developed a variety of steamed bread, such as white flour steamed bread, corn flour steamed bread, vegetable steamed bread, meat steamed bread, fried steamed bread, fried steamed bread, steamed bread, steamed bread is the staple food in northern China.

1. In a large bowl, add flour, warm water and make dough. The water should be divided into several times until the dough is moderately dry and wet. After kneading the dough, make sure that the hands, bowl and dough are smooth and clean. Let the kneaded dough stand for half an hour and divide it into six equal parts. Knead the dough into the shape you like and put it into the steaming basket of the electric rice cooker. Pay attention not to put next to each other, the dough will be big after heating, and the interval will be small, which will form a whole.

3. Put a bowl of water in the electric rice cooker, press the quick cook button to cook for three minutes, put it in the steaming basket, and steam for another 15 minutes.


noodles to smooth meat, steamed bread is very good-looking. Steamed bread can be made into any shape you like. It’s fun.

in the above article, we introduced what is steamed bread. We know that steamed bread has a very long history in our country. There are many ways to make steamed bread. We can make all kinds of steamed bread according to our personal preferences. The above details the method of steamed bread in electric cooker.

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