Summer eating soybeans is a health bonus

Summer to eat soybeans for health bonus points

summer to eat soybeans for health bonus points

summer just when soybeans are on the market, this time not only the texture of boiled soybeans is soft, delicate and delicious, but also contains high dietary fiber, which is very good for people’s health. The nutritional value of

soybeans is

soybeans are rich in plant protein, potassium and magnesium, especially rich in vitamin B and dietary fiber, as well as saponins, phytic acid, oligosaccharides and other health care ingredients, which are very good for the protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and the control of blood pressure. In addition, eating soybeans in summer can prevent malnutrition, low physical fitness and heatstroke caused by sweating and loss of appetite. It is worth mentioning that the dietary fiber content of tender soybeans is as high as 4.0%, while celery stalk, which has been regarded as the champion of fiber, has only 1.2% fiber content. The fiber content of other well-known high fiber vegetables is lower than that of soybeans, such as mustard 1.6%, spinach 1.7%, amaranth 1.8%, broccoli 1.6%, leek 1.4%. From this point of view, soybean is worthy of the champion of fiber in vegetables.

: the best way to choose peas

: after shelling, if the top of the peas is light green like a fingernail, it means they are very tender; If it’s dark, it’s old.

stir fried diced chicken with soybean shoots

with soybean shell, add a small amount of salt and water just past the soybean, boil for 8 & mdash; 10 minutes, take out the beans and set aside; Or peeled off the shell of the beans, cooked 8 mature can also be. Market cooked bags of bamboo shoots cut Ding chicken breast diced, with a small amount of cooking wine and ginger juice grasp. Seasoning should not be too much, to avoid taking away the fragrance of soybeans. Put oil in the pan, add a little fennel powder and scallion, then add diced chicken and stir fry. When it’s fast cooked, add green beans and bamboo shoots, add a little salt and stir well. Add a little sauce with starch powder and serve.

precautions: eating more soybeans may cause abdominal distension, indigestion can be controlled in a daily amount. In addition, the content of dietary fiber in tender legume food such as tender broad bean, tender pea and tender pod is also very high. It’s a good nutrition improvement measure to often eat some tender beans instead of half a bowl of rice, and it won’t hinder digestion and absorption.

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