Summer fishing skills

it can be said that fishing is a leisure sport, many friends prefer fishing, but fishing is also a lot of skills and methods, especially in the hot summer, friends must master fishing skills, in order to enjoy the fun, so what are the summer fishing skills? Like fishing friends, you might as well take a look at the relevant introduction of the article, I believe it will certainly help you. What are the fishing skills in summer? Because it is hot in summer, the temperature rises rapidly, the water temperature also rises, and there are more rainy days. At this time, fish will swim around, which is a good time for fishing. But we all know that small fish are very active and not easy to catch at this time, so we should master the fishing skills in summer.

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fishing gear and bait

steps / methods

is summer a good season for fishing?

after the beginning of summer, the daytime temperature continues to rise, and the fish begin to enter a period of vigorous growth and strong appetite. However, the average daytime temperature in summer is more than 25 degrees. After entering the small department, the temperature in the large department is as high as 30 degrees to 35 degrees, and the water temperature in the shallow water of rivers can reach more than 35 degrees. That is to say, summer is not the best season for fishing.?

morning and evening of summer fishing

summer day is not the best fishing time, but summer is the vigorous period of fish growth, and all kinds of fish eat a lot. As long as they master their life rules, they can catch more and catch more. In addition to the fish that can be caught in spring, the hook rate of big fish will be significantly increased, although “summer is coming, It’s hard to fish “, but the best time to fish is in the morning and evening in summer. Generally, you can fish well from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Yu Yan said: “catch the sun red in the morning, catch the chicken into the cage in the evening”, “catch a needle in the morning and evening, go home to have a meal”, “fish in the summer”.

fishing in summer is to catch water grass or bright water.

generally, during the period from the beginning of summer to the beginning of grain crops, water plants in river fish ponds gradually grow on the water surface and cover the water surface tightly. Because aquatic plants need oxygen to grow, they can’t carry out photosynthesis at night, and aquatic plants need to absorb oxygen from the water, so fish usually don’t live in aquatic plants at night. Until the next morning, most of the fish swim in the water to look for bait and activities. Therefore, in the morning of summer, most of the fishing is at the edge of bright water or aquatic plants, but no fish can be caught in aquatic plants. About an hour after the sun comes out in the morning, due to the rising temperature, the fish begin to gradually move to the downstream of the aquatic plants for food. At this time, they can fish for grass seams and grass eyes. Of course, in rainy days and cloudy weather, it is better to nest beside water and grass than bright water. In spring, summer and autumn, generally speaking, fishing grass is better than fishing bright water. Yu Yanyun: “fishing without grass, wait for the fish to run blind.”.

summer fishing water or still water is better

summer scorching sun, water evaporation, still water due to evaporation and temperature rise, oxygen content is reduced, fish do not adapt to floating head or into deep water to find new water. In addition, due to the high water temperature in still water, plankton in the water propagates quickly, which is easy to cause hypoxia, which is one of the reasons why fish do not adapt. Therefore, most fishermen do not want to fish in still water, like fish, they like to look for living water and running water. Most of the running water is rainwater, which falls to the land and then flows to rivers and lakes. The oxygen content is clear and free of impurities, and there is less plankton. However, it has land plant stems and leaves, insects and other food. Fish like to enjoy cool in the living water, and the effect is self-evident. But because the living water is not conducive to stable floating, most fishermen still like to fish in still water, so the effect is naturally not as good as running water.

fishing in summer is better in upwind or downwind

the experience of many fishermen has proved that bottom fishing with hand pole is better in downwind. There are more oxygen and food in the downwind, and the water temperature is balanced up and down, which is conducive to the fish’s foraging growth. However, it is difficult to cast the pole in downwind, and it is not easy to cast the pole accurately or far away. It needs to be said that not all fishing methods are in the limelight. Floating fishing, hanging fishing and rod throwing fishing are still better in the spotlight. First, the resistance of the bait is big in the downwind, and the throwing distance is not far; Second, after throwing out, the wind constantly blows the float to the side, and finally you can’t fish in front of the heel. In the windward, it is different. If you throw it gently along the wind, it will be far away. Even if it is not far away, the wind will blow the float and bait farther and farther. The line of hand rod floating fishing and hanging fishing is long, and the line of throwing rod floating fishing can be extended for tens of meters, so these two fishing methods are in the limelight.

what to do when fishing in summer?

there are many southerly winds in summer, and the weather is muggy. Thunderstorms often occur, and some local thunderstorms can’t even be predicted by the weather station. Thunderstorm is referred to as thunderstorm, because of heavy rain accompanied by lightning, so the name: also because it is intermittent, also known as thunderstorm. Before the arrival of thunderstorm, there are many dark clouds, thunder, thunder and strong wind, which have already been foreboding. The fishermen can’t insist on fishing, but should find a place to shelter from the rain immediately. Don’t hide under trees, melon sheds, cowsheds, houses, fields of straw, wheat and leather. Instead, go into civilian houses, or underground dry factories, mills, warehouses and other buildings. It’s better to fold the fishing rod. If you don’t have time to harvest it or want to catch fish after the rain, don’t keep the rod straight to the sky, but lie flat on the ground, In order to avoid lightning stroke after being wet by rain (carbon cable steel rod itself conducts electricity). Do not walk or ride in the rain during thunderstorm. After the thunderstorm, the humidity in the water decreased significantly. More dissolved oxygen, fish appetite, you can go fishing; It’s better to fish at the mouth of running water.

fishing rod in summer is better to use long rod or short rod

fishing rod can be divided into three categories according to length: long rod is more than 6.3m (common are 6.3m, 7.2m, 8, 9, 10m, etc.), standard rod is 4.5m ~ 5.4m, and short rod is less than 3.6m. Summer fishing can also be divided into pond fishing and field fishing (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.). Of course, long rods are used in general waters in the field, mainly for long fishing distance and deep fishing. The commonly used rods are 6.3 meters and 7.2 meters long. Too long rods are heavy and cumbersome to operate. Of course, if you want to fish grass in summer, you can also choose 8 meters or 9 meters for long rod short line fishing. Rods more than 10 meters are not used in the north. However, in summer, many fishing enthusiasts like to fish white fish (Baitiao) in the field or fish carp in the pond. Generally, they choose short rods less than 4.5 meters. The end rods are light, convenient and sensitive.

what kind of bait is good in summer?

Yuyan said: “spring insects face autumn earthworms in summer, and only red insects can be used in winter fishing.” the bread here has two meanings, one is the season, the other is the food habit of fish. What diaoyan said is the general rule, and the specific fishing should be flexibly used according to the season, fish species, weather, water quality and water area. Carp and crucian carp are omnivorous fish. They eat meat and vegetables, but in spring they mainly eat meat. In summer, because of the high temperature, they don’t like eating meat like people, so the vegetable bait in summer is also favored by fish. Therefore, meat and vegetables can be used for carp and crucian carp in this season. Of course, there are fish ponds in the pond, and the owners often feed some granular bait, so it’s better to fish in the pond with plain bait. When fishing other kinds of fish in the field, we should consider it specifically. We should use meat bait when fishing catfish, and use vegetable bait when fishing grass carp.

fishing in summer is better in deep water or shallow water

Yu Yan said: “fishing beach in spring, fishing pool in summer”, “fishing water in spring, fishing clear in winter, pool water in summer and autumn is dark and overcast”. Although the words are different, they all show an experience that fishing in deep water in summer is better than fishing in shady places. Deep and shallow are relative, deep, how much is deep, shallow, how much is shallow, need to be specific to a specific water area. The water depth of large reservoirs ranges from several meters to tens of meters, while that of general rivers ranges from tens of centimeters to several meters. Different water depths have different concepts. Take a river as an example. When you go to a place, you need to roughly measure the depth of its water. In spring, you need to find the shallower part of the place (which can be tens of centimeters to more than one meter). If the shallowest part is 50 centimeters and the deepest part is 2 meters, then 50 centimeters is shallow and 2 meters is deep. In summer, you need to fish the water near 2 meters (but it is not absolute). According to the weather, temperature, water quality, water quality, water quality and water quality, you need to catch the water near 2 meters The air pressure determines the depth of fishing. In summer, we usually fish for shallow water sooner or later, and we have to fish for deep water at noon. In summer, there are shade trees in some places. Although the water here is not the deepest, shallow water can also be fished because there is no hot sun.

read the above article to explain the summer fishing skills, you love fishing friends have mastered the fishing skills? I hope the above article can help you to master these skills, even in the hot summer, you like fishing friends can come to fishing at will.

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