Summer supplies collection tips

as summer goes by, it’s time for you to tidy up your clothes. But the collection of summer articles should be paid attention to, otherwise it will become & lt; Beyond recognition & quot; It’s too late. The following is the summer supplies collection tips to share with you<

[1] collection of cotton and linen clothes

after washing and ironing, they should be stacked flat and stored separately according to the color depth

[2] it’s better to wrap the knitted cotton goods or the clothes with zippers, belt buckles, metal buttons and other metal objects in plastic bags or white paper for collection

[3] collection of silk clothing

in order to prevent crease, it should be placed on the upper layer of the wardrobe, and several pieces of interlining should be placed on it to reduce moisture entering the wardrobe. Do not use camphor balls when storing silk clothes, otherwise the clothes will turn yellow. Also pay attention not to mix the cotton silk clothing with the real silk clothing, so as not to change the color of the real silk clothing

[4] collection of leather sandals. The vamp of all kinds of leather sandals, in addition to synthetic leather, generally cannot be wiped with wet cloth, let alone soaked in water. Otherwise, it is easy to wipe off the color paste on the vamp and affect the appearance. Too much water will gradually harden the leather and affect the fastness

②, for sandals with smooth leather, , you can first use ordinary white rubber to wipe on the vamp, then use clean soft cloth to wipe off the rubber crumbs, and then apply white shoe polish. After a little dry, use shoe brush to brush repeatedly, and then use soft cloth to wipe, so that the upper of the shoes is as bright as new

③, brown or red shoes stained with stains can be smeared with lemon juice and then polished with shoe polish to remove stains

④, to decontaminate the soles of leather sandals or imitation leather sandals. If there is sludge on the sole of leather sandals, dry brush should be used; The imitation leather bottom or rubber bottom is washed with a brush dipped in water

⑤ and leather sandals should be dried to prevent mildew during collection. When collecting, it’s better to put some cloth in the shoes to prevent the vamp from collapsing, and then put it in the shoe box, so as to keep the head shape of sandals straight and not deformed

[5] bamboo mat collection. ① The bamboo mat can be scrubbed with soapy water, washed with clean water, and then rolled up after coated with talcum powder. The diameter of the rolled up cylinder should not be less than 30 cm to avoid breaking the bamboo fiber. The bamboo mat should be rolled along the rope, not reversed, so as not to break the rope. ② When the bamboo mats are collected, they can be wrapped in paper and put in a cool place. They can not be affected by damp or heat. In this way, they will not be mouldy or mothed, and can greatly prolong the service life of the mat

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