Summer without crayfish is not complete, crayfish eating errors revealed

summer is the season to eat crayfish, eating goods are ready to move, big mouth addiction. Although the crayfish can eat very few parts, but it is its unique taste, attracted the attention of many people. Some people describe the summer without crayfish as incomplete. Let’s take a look at it with you.

Crayfish is an alien species, the most premature in the Gulf of Mexico, North America. Because of its strong adaptability, crayfish can survive even in the polluted waters, and then breed in large numbers in China. There are many opinions about crayfish. Some people say that its heavy metals exceed the standard and contain parasites. Others say that the head of crayfish is poisonous and can’t be eaten. Are these opinions true? Today, let’s talk about:

in the head of crayfish, the yellow part is & lt; Shrimp Yellow & quot; Or & lt; Shrimp excrement;?

careful people will find that every time they eat crayfish, they can see a part of yellow substance in the head of crayfish. Is this yellow substance the same as the crab yolk in crayfish? The answer is the same. The yellow part on the head of the shrimp is the ovary of the female shrimp, that is, shrimp yellow, which has high nutritional value.

but it doesn’t mean that the head of shrimp can be eaten safely. I suggest you remove the head of shrimp, because the head of shrimp contains most of the organs in the body of crayfish, such as gills, stomach, liver and so on. If the growth environment of crayfish is bad, impurities and heavy metals are likely to remain in these organs, so it is not recommended to eat them.

Can shrimp head be eaten?

truth: it’s better not to eat

. In fact, shrimp head is a kind of crayfish; Essence ” And & lt; Dross & quot; Where is it. Because of its special shape, most of the body organs of crayfish are concentrated in the head, including reproductive organs, liver, excretory organs, bladder and excretory pore. The abdomen has only one gut on the back and the porta hepatis.

in addition to & lt; Dirty things;, There are also some good things in the shrimp head, such as & lt; Shrimp & quot;.

in fact, shrimp head is not totally inedible. Many toxins are foreign. As long as the source of crayfish is reliable, shrimp head can still be eaten. But now most of the crayfish are purchased directly, and the safety risk is unknown, so it’s better not to eat them.

suggestion: if you really like to eat shrimp head, it is recommended to buy live shrimp and keep it in water for a period of time.

shrimp line in the end can eat?

truth: you can eat it, but you’d better not eat

. The so-called shrimp line is actually a black line like substance on the back of shrimp abdomen. In fact, it’s crayfish’s & quot; Gut & quot;, It’s full of metabolic waste, which not only affects the taste, but also is unhealthy.

when it comes to its harm, it is also related to the amount of food consumed. Experts suggest that if you don’t recommend its ingredients and taste, it won’t do much harm to eat. After all, no one will eat crayfish every day; But if you make shrimp at home, you’d better pick out the shrimp thread first, so that you can eat more safely.

There are two risks for crayfish to eat too much,

although crayfish grow in a bad environment, the crayfish raised in captivity are still relatively clean, except for the addition of some heavy metals and harmful substances, However, in view of the crayfish’s reproductive capacity and adaptability, they rarely need to add a lot of antibiotics, only need to be used properly, and will not have much impact.

the advantages of crayfish, people who have eaten it must know that its meat is compact and easy to cook, the most important thing is rich in protein nutrients. It’s a rare ingredient. However, crayfish also need to be eaten properly. On the one hand, if the breeding site of crayfish is unknown, if it is a place polluted by heavy metals, excessive consumption will easily lead to heavy metal poisoning; Both crayfish eating too much will cause muscle lysis, it is harmful to health.

experts said that shrimp and other seafood are rich in high-quality protein, and proper consumption is more beneficial than harmful to health, but it is not suitable to eat too much at one time. It is recommended to eat 300 grams per week.

in addition, the biggest threat to health from eating seafood is microorganisms, especially Vibrio parahaemolyticus. In order to avoid infection, everyone must cook thoroughly when cooking. Go out to eat crayfish, be sure to find a regular shop, if you find food taste, color, should immediately stop.

Can crayfish exceed the standard of heavy metals?

as mentioned earlier, crayfish has a strong survival ability, but because modern people have taken crayfish as a kind of food, most of them are cultured crayfish. Such crayfish live in a much better environment than the wild, so the possibility of heavy metal enrichment will also be reduced.

some people think that crayfish can carry parasites. In fact, many aquatic organisms have such risks. To be on the safe side, it is necessary to heat crayfish at high temperature before eating, which can greatly reduce the possibility of infection.

crayfish can be safely eaten, but the following two kinds should be careful: 6667

1, not cooked crayfish:

, not cooked crayfish is easy to breed bacteria, if people eat it, they may have abdominal pain, diarrhea and other toxic reactions, especially in the head of shrimp; Hide the dirt & quot;, Carry a variety of pathogenic bacteria, it is recommended to remove the head to eat, and cook thoroughly.

2, overnight crayfish:

summer temperature is higher, overnight crayfish is easy to deteriorate, this time the toxin will be generated quickly, ordinary heating is also difficult to kill it. So when you buy crayfish outside, you must make sure the crayfish is fresh, and then cook to avoid poisoning.

dear friends, do you like crayfish? What kind of crayfish do you usually eat? You may as well leave a message in the comment area below to share your life experience.

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