Super practical! 14 life tips

if people master the skills and tricks in doing things, they can be much easier and less detours. Here are 14 ways to solve the problem!

Super practical! 14 life tips

1. Before cutting a cake, blanch the knife with hot water, and there will be no cream on it.

2. Shake it before beating an egg, and after the egg is beaten, there will be no egg white on the eggshell.

3. The neutral pen broke water. Soak the tip of the pen in hot water, and then it will be OK.

4. Drink some vinegar when burping, It is suitable for people without nails to use

6. Put the shrimps into a bowl, add some refined salt and edible soda powder, rub them by hand for a while, then soak them in clean water, and then rinse them with clean water. The fried shrimps are as transparent as crystal, Tender and delicious

7, mouth ulcers, put vitamin C on the ulcer, and after it melts, the ulcer is basically good.

8, nail polish quickly dries and dries the nails into the ice water for one or two minutes.

9, lacquer shoes must keep bright until they look good. If you don’t want to start with special paint shoes, The same effect can be achieved with glass cleaner

10. Roll every piece of clothing when traveling. Before going to bed at night, fry eggs in sesame oil. Don’t put any seasonings. Go to sleep when it’s hot. The effect is obvious after eating for two or three days. If the bracelet is too small to wear, it’s easy to put a plastic bag on your hand first, It’s the same way to get a bracelet. Eat more acidic vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes and citric acid for breakfast. It’s good for nourishing the liver; Four word formula & quot;: Ask for money´╝ł ID card, mobile phone, key, wallet)

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