Super practical life tips

Super practical life tips

super practical life tips

1, eat spicy things, feel about to be spicy to death, put a little salt into the mouth, contain it, spit it out, gargle it, it is not spicy;

2, yellow teeth, you can chew peanuts in your mouth, and brush your teeth for three minutes, very effective;

3. There are ugly tea stains in the cups that often hold tea. Wash them with toothpaste. They are very clean;

4. If there is a small area of skin damage or burns, apply a little toothpaste to stop bleeding and relieve pain immediately;

5. Open your mouth slightly when you put eyedrops on your head, so that your eyes won’t blink;

6, eyes into a small dust, close your eyes cough a few times, dust will come out of their own;

7. If you have an ulcer in your mouth, stick vitamin C on the ulcer. After it dissolves, the ulcer will be basically good;

8. After washing your face, gently massage your fingers with some fine salt on both sides of your nose, and then rinse with water. Blackheads and acne will be removed, and pores will become smaller;

9. Just after being bitten by a mosquito, soap will not itch;

10. If the throat and gums are inflamed, cut the watermelon into small pieces at night and eat it with salt. Remember that if it is at night, the symptoms will be relieved and the next day will be better;

11. Blow the label with a hair dryer. When the glue of the trademark is hot, you can tear off the label easily;

12. When traveling with clothes, if you are afraid of wrinkles, you can roll up every piece of clothes; 2223, 333, 0001, 1113. When you burp, you drink some vinegar and stand up to see the shadow;

14. If you eat something with peculiar smell, such as garlic and stinky tofu, just eat a few peanuts;

15. If you want to wear a thin bracelet, you can’t wear it hard. You should put a plastic bag on the handle and then wear the bracelet. It’s very easy to wear and it won’t hurt your hand. It’s the same way to take it off;

16. For the treatment of cough, especially dry cough, before going to bed at night, fry eggs with sesame oil, put a little more oil, and don’t put any seasonings. Go to bed when it’s hot, and the effect is obvious even if you eat for a few days;

17. Chestnut skin is hard to peel. First peel off the shell, then put it in the microwave oven for a while, take it out and rub it while it is hot, and the skin will fall off;

18. When arranging flowers, a drop of detergent in the water can last for several days;

19. Steam the walnuts in the pot for ten minutes, take them out, put them in cold water, and then break them open. Then you can take out the whole peach kernel;

20. The residual tea leaves can be soaked in water for several days and then poured on the roots of plants to promote the growth of plants;

21. When frying the meat, soak it in baking soda for more than ten minutes, pour out the water, and then taste it. It will be tender and smooth;

22. Put the shrimps into a bowl, add a little salt and edible soda powder, rub them with hands for a while, then soak them in clean water, and then rinse them with clean water to make the fried shrimps transparent as crystal, tender and delicious;

23. The residual tea leaves can be dried in the sun and smoked in the toilet or ditch, which can eliminate the stench and has the function of expelling mosquitoes and flies;

24, double cooked rice: chopsticks can be used in the rice with some holes straight to the bottom of the pot, sprinkle a little yellow rice wine to simmer,

25, as long as a small piece of chalk is put in the jewelry box, jewelry can always keep luster;

26. If only the surface is mixed, just turn the surface to the middle and simmer;

27. Remove the greasy screen window: put the remaining cigarette ends in the water after washing clothes and smoking. After dissolving, use them to clean the glass window and screen window. The effect is really good;

28. Always bring a small dry battery in your bag when you go out. If the skirt has static electricity, wipe the positive pole of the battery on the skirt for a few times to remove the static electricity;

29, table, bottle surface self-adhesive traces can be wiped with essential balm;

30, wherever the shoe is rubbed on your feet, you can spread a little Baijiu on the foot of your shoes, so as not to rub your feet.

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