Surprise! Is it dangerous to eat these foods?

! Is it dangerous to eat these foods? Salmonella can survive in the intestines of animals and spread to eggs through feces. A certain Salmonella can infect the ovaries of hens so that the eggs are infected before they grow out of their shells.

2 and leafy vegetables

were listed as the first vegetables, including lettuce, which is often eaten by Westerners. It is dangerous mainly because it has not been properly cleaned. Vegetables are often eaten by Westerners in the form of lettuce salad. If it is not clean enough, vegetables are easily contaminated by this E. coli. Green leafy vegetables may be contaminated in the farm due to contact with wild animals, feces, dirty water, or poor sanitation of farmers during harvesting, and then continue to breed pathogens. Washing after harvesting does not guarantee that they can be eaten safely.

3 and

oysters are usually infected by norovirus or Vibrio. The former may come from polluted waters. Raw or undercooked oysters can cause gastroenteritis. Vibrio is more dangerous than cholera.

4, tuna

the symptoms caused by tuna are usually mackerel poisoning. Tuna will decay rapidly after being caught. If the storage temperature exceeds 15.6 ℃, it will release natural toxin. This toxin cannot be decomposed by cooking, refrigeration, smoking, treatment or canning.

5, cheese

some Latin American cheeses may be made from unsterilized milk. Soft cheese may contain Listeria, pregnant women must be careful before eating, otherwise it will cause abortion.

6, potato

potatoes are usually cooked without bacteria, but potato dishes often have many ingredients, some of which may have problems. The most common is Salmonella, followed by Escherichia coli.

7 and tomato

are usually caused by Salmonella. The fungus entered tomato through root or flower, so tomato should not be eaten raw.

8 and ice cream

also contain Listeria. The bacteria can survive on the metal surface and remain in the ice cream machine, polluting a large number of ice cream.

9, berries

berries containing cyclosporidium can parasitize in the intestinal tract, leading to severe diarrhea, dehydration and gastric spasm. Patients must be injected with antibiotics, so they must seek medical advice.

10 and soybean sprouts

the seeds of sprouts may be polluted during planting or storage. The warm and humid environment for their growth is easy to cause a large number of bacteria.

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