Take care of skin aging by eating these foods!

take care of skin aging!

1, alcohol

healthy liver can normally decompose toxins, maintain skin health, and drinking too much will affect liver function, lead to toxin accumulation in the body, and then affect the skin, leading to wrinkles, skin relaxation and other skin problems. A study also shows that alcohol can cause dehydration, affect sleep and accelerate aging.

2, candy

excessive candy can cause & lt; Glycosylation & quot; Reaction, damage skin collagen, leading to skin relaxation. Cosmetic dentists advise that eating too much sugar can cause a large number of oral bacteria and damage teeth. It is suggested to gargle with water immediately after eating sweet food.

3, roasted meat

, roasted meat is appetizing, but pay attention not to eat the black roasted part, which contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons and can damage skin collagen.

4, cooked food

, sausage, bacon and other cooked meat, mostly contain nitrite and other preservatives, often eat will cause inflammation, accelerate skin aging. American dermatology experts suggest that eating cooked food should be accompanied by sufficient vegetables.

6, salty food

taste heavy, excessive sodium intake, easy to cause hypertension, edema and other problems. In addition to less salt when cooking, we should also be on guard against excessive sodium in some processed foods, such as canned food. American cosmetic surgery experts pointed out that canned foods and other processed foods will add a lot of sodium in order to keep fresh, preserve and extend the shelf life.

7 and energy drinks

are rich in sugar, which can damage enamel and contaminate teeth; Dyeing & quot;. Health experts recommend drinking energy drinks with straws.

8, spicy food

spicy food can cause harm to menopausal women’s skin. Old Chinese medicine suggests that it’s OK to eat spicy food occasionally, but don’t indulge in it.

9, trans fatty acids

trans fatty acids can promote inflammation and destroy collagen synthesis. Experts advise not to believe in food packaging; Trans fatty acids 0 g & quot; This may mean that the food still contains less than 0.5g of trans fatty acids, and the food with hydrogenated vegetable oil on the ingredient list should be avoided as far as possible.

10, red meat

and other red meat contain a certain amount of saturated fatty acids, which can produce free radicals in the body, damage skin cells and eventually accelerate aging. Experts suggest that white meat with low fat content, such as chicken, can be used as a substitute. At the same time, vegetables and fruits can help improve the body’s antioxidant capacity and delay the aging process.

11, milk tea

many people like to drink black tea when adding milk, taste more mellow and greasy, reduce astringency. But black tea itself is a healthy drink, rich in tannins, has antioxidant effect. Casein in milk can reduce the tannin effect, which is not conducive to anti-aging.

what women eat will not be old

1, orange

, orange is also a skin fruit, containing fruit acid and vitamin C, a; Can enhance the skin’s resistance, reduce dry skin. Another way is to squeeze the orange into orange juice, and then apply the orange juice directly on the face. If it is commonly used, the skin will be bright, smooth and tender, and the skin will become fresh and not greasy.

2, cherry

small cherry is rich in carbohydrates, protein, a variety of vitamins (calcium, phosphorus, iron). Its content is higher than that of apple, which is the best nourishing food for women; It can not only strengthen physique, brain and intelligence, but also make skin white, tender and smooth, remove wrinkles and spots.

3, apple

an apple a day can make your skin more smooth and tender, promote metabolism and eliminate dark circles under the eyes; Cut the apple into a thin piece and stick it on the part of dark circles, which helps to eliminate the dark circles caused by fatigue. So many fruits can keep

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