Take care of the wrong food!

, be careful of these food mistakes!

1, fresh Auricularia auricula

, lethal toxin: light sensitive substance of line.

lethal mechanism: fresh Auricularia contains a kind of light sensitive substances, it is sensitive to light, after eating by the sun, cause solar dermatitis, individual serious will be due to throat edema dyspnea.

detoxification method: not edible.

2, raw soybean milk

, lethal toxin: saponin.

causative mechanism: raw soybean also contains toxic ingredients, so if you eat soybean milk before it is cooked, it can also cause food poisoning. Especially when soybean milk is heated to about 80 degrees Celsius, saponin is heated and expanded, and the foam rises to form &ldquo. False boiling & quot; In fact, the saponin and other toxic ingredients in soybean milk are not completely destroyed at this time. If you drink this kind of soybean milk, it will cause poisoning, usually 0.5-1 hour after eating, and the main symptom is gastroenteritis.

detoxification method: in order to prevent poisoning caused by drinking raw soybean milk, when cooking soybean milk, the & lt; False boiling & quot; After that, it should be heated to 100 ℃. Cooked soybean milk has no foam.

3, leftovers

, fatal toxin: nitrite.

lethal mechanism: Capsella bursa pastoris, gray vegetables and other wild vegetables contain a lot of nitrite. If the human body ingests excessive nitrite, the normal hemoglobin in the human body can be oxidized to methemoglobin. In addition, nitrite can also prevent oxyhemoglobin from releasing oxygen, thus causing hypoxia and poisoning.

detoxification method: then, how can we prevent nitrite poisoning? In fact, it’s very simple. You must let your family eat fresh vegetables. Cooked vegetables should not be stored for a long time. Pickles should be pickled for a month before they can be eaten.

4, germinated potato

, fatal toxin: solanine.

lethal mechanism: potato is one of the vegetables often eaten on the family table, but it contains the toxic components solanine (potato toxin, solanine glycoside). The whole plant of potato contains this toxin. However, the content of each part is different, and the content of mature potato is less, which generally does not cause poisoning, while the sprouts, flowers and leaves of potato are not toxic However, solanine is higher in the outer skin of leaves and tubers, and the toxin in the tender part of potato is even tens to hundreds of times higher than that in the fleshy part. Immature green potatoes or potato tubers with black spots due to improper storage all contain extremely high toxic substances.

detoxification method: in order to prevent potato poisoning, we can store potatoes in a dry and cool place to prevent germination. When eating, it’s best not to eat if you find sprouting or the skin is dark green.

5 and

, respectively.

lethal mechanism: Vicia faba seeds contain nestinin glycosides, which can cause acute hemolytic anemia (broad bean yellow disease) after human consumption. When eating green broad bean in spring and summer, if it is not cooked properly, it will often lead to poisoning. And generally after eating raw broad beans 4-24 hours after the onset,

detoxification method: in order to prevent the occurrence of broad bean poisoning, it is best not to eat fresh broad beans, and must be cooked before eating.

6, kidney bean

lethal toxin: saponin.

lethal mechanism: if the beans are not cooked, the saponins in the beans will strongly stimulate the digestive tract, and the beans contain coagulant, which has the effect of coagulation. In addition, kidney beans also contain nitrite and trypsin, which can stimulate the body’s intestines and stomach, causing food poisoning and gastroenteritis.

detoxification method: in order to prevent kidney bean poisoning, we must cook the kidney bean thoroughly.

7, blue purple laver

lethal toxin: cyclic peptide.

lethal mechanism: if laver is blue purple after water bloom, it indicates that it has been polluted by toxic cyclic polypeptide when growing in the sea.

detoxification method: these toxins can not be cooked detoxification, not edible.

8, day lily

lethal toxin: colchicine.

lethal mechanism: day lily, also known as day lily, is one of people’s favorite dishes. However, daylily contains colchicine. If the human body ingests colchicine, it will be oxidized in the human tissue to produce dichlorcolchicine. Colchicine is a highly toxic substance, which can poison the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system of human body and seriously threaten health. If an adult eats 50-100g fresh day lily at a time, it can cause poisoning.

detoxification method: in order to prevent the occurrence of fresh day lily poisoning, the fresh day lily can be boiled in boiling water for a while, and then soaked in water, most of the water-soluble colchicine can be removed. Fresh day lily can also be cooked, cooked thoroughly, and then cooked for consumption.

9, cassava

, the lethal toxin: flaxseed bitter glycoside.

lethal mechanism: Although cassava root tuber is rich in starch, all parts of the whole plant, including root, stem and leaf, contain toxic substances, and fresh root tuber is more toxic. Therefore, we must pay attention to when eating cassava root tubers. The toxic substance contained in cassava is linolenic Picroside. If you take raw or uncooked cassava or drink its soup, it may cause poisoning. The reason is that the free hydrocyanic acid is produced by the hydrolysis of linseed Picroside or linseed picrosidase by gastric acid, which makes the human body poisoned. If a person eats 150-300 grams of raw cassava, it can cause poisoning or even death.

detoxification method: to prevent cassava poisoning, peel the cassava before eating and soak the meat with water to dissolve cyanoside. Generally, 70% of cyanoside can be removed after soaking for about 6 days, and then it can be cooked and eaten.

10, cruciferous vegetables

lethal toxin: mustard oil.

lethal mechanism: cruciferous vegetables include rape, mustard, radish, etc. most of these vegetables contain erucic glucoside, which is a toxin that can prevent human growth and development and cause goiter. The content of glucosinolates in different vegetables, or in different parts of the same vegetable, is also very different. If it is not handled properly, people may have goiter, metabolic disorders, poisoning symptoms and even death.

detoxification method: so, how to deal with this kind of vegetables? When cooking such vegetables, you can blanch them with boiling water before eating them.

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