Take care to eat sweets. Eat sweets healthily.

sweets are women’s favorite food. Almost every woman likes to eat sweets. They eat sweets when they are happy and when they are unhappy. But if you eat too much sweets, its harm is also very big. Now let’s take a look at how much harm sweet food can bring us.

The harm of eating sweet food

getting fat

getting fat by eating sweet food is the most common harm. We all know that because sweet food is called sweet food because of its high sugar content, When we can’t absorb the sugar in time, it will all be converted into fat for storage, leading to the occurrence of obesity.

cause diabetes

diabetes is caused by excessive sugar in our body. When we eat too much sweets, the more sugar we take, the more sugar intake will cause the body’s blood sugar to increase. This will lead to diabetes.

is prone to fracture

when sugar enters our body, it will consume a lot of calcium and vitamins for digestion. At this time, all the calcium in our body is used to digest sugar, which will reduce the density of our bones and easily lead to fracture. This is also one of the reasons for the increased incidence of fracture in children and women in recent years.


according to the foreign research shows that there are 1000 people around the incidence rate of sleep disorders statistics, found that more than 870 of people love sweets very much, which causes the incidence rate to more than 87%.

Tooth decay

eating sugar can lead to tooth decay because sugar in our mouth will create an environment that is easy for bacteria to grow, which is easy to cause tooth decay. So after eating sweets, it’s best to brush your teeth and gargle in time.

loss of appetite

eating sugar will make blood sugar rise. As we all know, if the blood sugar rises, it will send the signal to the satiety system of the brain, and sweets will absorb vitamin B1 of the human body when digesting, which will cause indigestion, make the stomach uncomfortable, and affect our appetite.

one of the causes of breast cancer is breast cancer, which is caused by the secretion of insulin in the body. When there is too much insulin in the body, it can lead to breast cancer. When eating too much sweet food, it is easy to increase the level of insulin.

causes vaginitis

when a woman eats too much sweets, it will make her blood sugar higher, and if her blood sugar is higher, it will lead to the increase of glycogen in the vagina, which is easy to cause candidal vaginitis. So if women often eat too much sweet food, it will also cause vaginitis.

accelerated aging

our healthy body is basically in a weak alkaline body, and sugar is acidic, if we eat too much sweets, our body will appear acidic system, which will accelerate the aging of the body.

If you really want to eat high-risk desserts like cheesecake or Mousse Cake & hellip& hellip; Then eat! But remember, you can only eat a little of each, because a small piece of cheesecake, a spoonful of mousse, and a few mouthfuls of ice cream add up to a portion of dessert, which is what you eat for dessert; Quota;. You can only eat this once or twice a week at most, with a limit of one serving each time.

carefully selected

desserts are not all fattening killers, some are healthy and nutritious. With the addition of fresh fruit jelly, the taste is first-class and rich in vitamins; Sweet bean flower is rich in calcium. You can control the amount of syrup by yourself; Other Chinese desserts such as red bean paste, mung bean paste and sweet potato syrup are also rich in cellulose, which is the best choice for both taste and nutrition! If you’re having a party at home, make your own cake and syrup so you can control the amount of sugar, butter and cream.

dinner reduction

dinner should eat food, including rice, meat, vegetables, etc., each reduction of one fourth, in order to make room for stomach; Receive & quot; Dessert. But also can’t completely don’t eat dinner, try to put all & quot; Quota & quot; For dessert! This will prevent the body from getting the nutrients it needs, and if you eat dessert on an empty stomach, the calories will be quickly absorbed by the body, and you will eat more and more unconsciously.

slowly taste

delicately selling and delicious desserts, of course, slowly taste. This not only makes you feel good and chew slowly, but also slows down the rise of blood sugar and gives your body enough time to burn calories.

Fasting before bedtime

the longer the time to eat dessert is, the better. Don’t treat dessert as a snack. If you don’t have enough activities to consume extra calories, these calories will be absorbed by your body quickly, and blood sugar will be converted into fat to stay in your body.

don’t be superstitious about Xiaozhi tea

some people drink Xiaozhi tea while eating dessert, thinking that it can offset the calories absorbed. In fact, even if Xiaozhi tea is more effective, it can’t resist your reckless eating and drinking. So do not take Xiaozhi tea as your psychological barrier and relax yourself completely.

don’t go on a diet

don’t think that if you indulge in eating desserts one night occasionally, as long as you don’t eat the next day, you can offset the calorie intake of the previous day and keep slim. It doesn’t help. The body must have proper energy to maintain activities every day. Not eating will not only make you listless and tired, but also slow down the body’s metabolism, affect the process of body heat consumption, and make you hoard fat.

go to exercise immediately

exercise is the only one that can; Cure & quot; Desserts sequelae of the method, and action must be rapid, can not be delayed oh. After eating dessert in the afternoon, do aerobic exercise in the evening or the next day to consume excess calories. A girl weighing 50 kg can burn about 80 to 100 calories every half an hour. So if you eat a 400 calorie cheesecake, walk for two hours.

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