Take out? Eating takeout is dangerous! How to eat takeout


1, distinguish cooking methods

frying, frying, dry frying, salting, smoking and other food production methods are not very healthy, and healthy cooking methods generally include blanching, steaming, stewing and so on, we should pay attention to distinguish when ordering.

2, avoid high oil and high salt food

pork, stewed meat, fried fish, pickled vegetables, salted fish, baked eggplant, dry fried beans and other food are high oil and high salt food, they will repeatedly put a lot of animal oil in the cooking process, should pay attention to avoid when ordering.

3, pay attention to meat and vegetable collocation,

takeout meal, general meat is more, and the weight of vegetables is less, so in the choice of food, should pay attention to choose a meat and vegetable or a meat and two vegetables, so as to achieve a balanced nutrition.

4, choose to deliver timely business

, it is best to order nearby, so that the delivery speed is faster, otherwise choose a farther business, not only to deliver the meal is cold, but also hungry.

5, bring your own fruit

as there are more people ordering, takeout cooking is usually stewed in large pots, which can easily lead to food nutrition loss. To better supplement vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to eat some fruit half an hour after a meal.

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