Taking Chinese yam raw can help dyspepsia

Eating raw yam helps dyspepsia

eating raw yam helps dyspepsia

people have the habit of eating raw sweet potato, but few people eat raw yam. From a nutritional point of view, this is totally wrong. Sweet potato raw is very sweet, so people are willing to eat raw, sweet potato contains a lot of starch, but it does not contain the corresponding enzymes. After eating raw produce a lot of gas in the abdomen, cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, aggravate dyspepsia.

yam is opposite to sweet potato. Although yam also contains a lot of starch, it also contains a lot of amylase and glucoamylase in the mucus of its cross section. If you eat it raw, you can not only digest your own starch, but also digest other starches you take in at the same time. After eating, you feel your stomach and intestines are particularly comfortable.

it is worth noting that the amylase in yam is afraid of heat, so the amylase will be destroyed after heating. Only raw yam has such effect. Therefore, once you feel indigestion, you can clean up the yam like eating fruit. If you eat a few slices raw, it can help digestion. You might as well have a try.

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