Talking while eating has these disadvantages!

Talking while eating has these disadvantages!

talking while eating has these disadvantages!

one is that the food is tasteless. Talking while eating will make you focus on the content of the conversation instead of the food. Eating becomes a kind of mechanical action, not only can’t enjoy its delicious, but also has some influence on your appetite.

the second is to hinder eating. If we all eat in silence, you can’t stop talking about it yourself. It’s bound to be a slow meal. As a result, we all finish eating, and then watch you silently, or play with your mobile phone, waiting for you to finish eating.

the third is affecting digestion. Some people often talk at the beginning and eat slowly. Later, they see that everyone has almost finished eating. In order to catch up with everyone, they will speed up the eating process. In this way, it is very easy to affect digestion and cause burden on the stomach.

the fourth is to influence the image. In fact, to eat without speaking is to respect the food and others. Because sometimes you talk before you swallow a mouthful of food. It’s hard to avoid that some grains of food will come out. It’s best not to do such a bad thing.

five is easy to choke. There is a piece of epiglottis cartilage in people’s throat. Epiglottis cartilage will cover the trachea when people eat. When people eat, food will slide along the throat to the esophagus. If they speak at this time, epiglottis cartilage will open, and food will slide into the trachea, and then you will choke, causing severe cough and sometimes nausea
so concentrate on your meal and don’t be distracted. If you have anything to say, you can finish your meal.

it’s not over yet. In fact, it’s not only inappropriate to talk when eating, there are many other ones; No & quot;. No matter how hungry you are, please slow down. Of course, it doesn’t make you slow down. If you eat too fast, the nutrient absorption rate of food is relatively low, and some parts will be scalded when you meet with hot things. Moreover, it takes time for the feeding center of the brain to perceive the information of satiety. If you have eaten a large part of food before it perceives it, you are likely to overeat. It’s easy to gain weight if you eat too much and don’t exercise. It’s better to eat slowly, which is good for digestion, and can make you fully feel the taste of food.

2, not suitable to play mobile phone

, playing mobile phone while eating, has the same disadvantages as speaking. The direct result is to prolong the lunch time, and the food becomes cold, which affects the taste of the food. Generally speaking, the meal is not very wonderful. In the cold winter, eating cold food, your stomach is not happy.

3. It is not suitable to mix vegetables with each other

sometimes, in order to show their hospitality, the host will put vegetables into the bowls of the guests and let them taste their own skills. If you meet Xiaobian who is a little bit addicted to cleanliness, you may turn a white eye in your heart. It’s not healthy to use the chopsticks that have been put into your mouth and give food to others. Bacteria can spread through chopsticks. The host had better not have stomach disease, Helicobacter pylori infection and other problems, otherwise it is harmful to the guests. In addition, even if you eat at home, try not to use your own chopsticks to pick vegetables, because you can’t guarantee that there is no saliva on the chopsticks. It’s better to prepare a pair of chopsticks. Although it’s troublesome, it’s sanitary.

4, should not eat too full

no matter in the morning and dinner, should not eat too full, otherwise will support the uncomfortable. Moreover, an unrestrained diet will make our stomach, intestines and other digestive systems always in a tense working state. The last meal of food has not been digested, and the next meal of food will fill the stomach. The digestive system needs regular rest to keep normal work. I suggest that you eat seven full meals, so that you won’t feel hungry or too full. And can make the body better digestion and absorption of nutrition, avoid causing obesity.

5, should not miss any meal

people are iron, rice is steel, a meal do not eat hungry panic. Many people think that if we don’t eat this meal, we can make up for it if we eat more next. But in fact, if you don’t eat a meal, it will have adverse consequences to your health. If you don’t eat it often, it will cause more serious consequences to your health. For example, emotions are affected, concentration is reduced, gastrointestinal problems, eating more and becoming fatter. No matter how busy you are, you should make time to finish a meal. So that you have the energy to do the work at hand. It’s a bad habit to be picky. However, many children and even adults will have it. Excluding the reasons for not eating certain foods due to allergies, the others are basically untenable. You can’t blame the food for its strange taste. Xiaobian has a cousin, who is really the leader of the picky eater class. If this meal does not have her favorite food, she will not eat and will not listen to advice. And if there is a dish she likes to eat, she would like to pick the bottom of the CD. Such a long-term full and hungry meal will not only cause nutritional imbalance, affect development, but also easily cause gastrointestinal function, and related diseases caused by nutritional deficiency.

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