Tea dregs have many magical functions, such as eliminating black eye circles, removing foot odor and preventing beriberi

. After making tea, most people pour out the tea dregs, but they don’t know that there are many uses of tea dregs. Today, let’s introduce the wonderful use of tea dregs. Let’s have a look!

Use tea dregs to wash greasy pot covers and bowls to make them more smooth. Some of the older generation think it’s not good to wash dishes with dishwashing detergent. Here, you can pour some tea dregs on the cleaning cloth. The pots and bowls are not only easy to clean, but also make them look as clean as new.

eight, to greasy black hair

with shampoo washed hair, in the water soaked in tea, can remove excess dirt, greasy, let the hair black, more luster.

ingenious use 9. Moisture absorption and dehumidification of tea dregs

after the received tea dregs are exposed to the sun, they can be effectively dehumidified by spreading them in wet places.

Use tea dregs to make pillows

. After drinking tea dregs, they can be made into pillows after being exposed to the sun, which can calm the mind, nourish the essence, brighten the eyes and clear the mind.

11. Mop deodorization

pour the tea dregs into the water to rinse the mop, which can sterilize and remove the odor. The mop will be clean in ten minutes. The floor in the kitchen and dining room is often covered with oil. The remaining tea bag is heated to make tea juice, which can be used to mop the floor to remove oil and dust.

black tea has a special protective effect on wood. If you have a wooden floor at home, you can clean the floor with the tea residue of black tea, which can not only remove the dirt, but also make the color of the wooden floor bright!

13. Refrigerator deodorization

all kinds of food sauces in the refrigerator are easy to produce bad smell. Put the leftover tea dregs in a bowl and put them in the refrigerator for 2 hours to relieve the odor.

but there is one thing to remind, tea residue should not be stored in the refrigerator for too long, otherwise wet tea can also produce mold and bacteria, contaminate the food in the refrigerator, can bury the health risks. So drink more than 6 hours of tea can not be used, fresh tea residue in the refrigerator should not be stored more than 8 hours! Clean wood furniture

used tea bag and tea residue, can also be used to clean wood furniture. It can also remove dirt and oil, especially in the kitchen cabinets and wooden boards.

for those stubborn oil stains and dust, you can remove them with one touch, and the furniture will become as bright as new immediately.

15. Medicinal efficacy

after tea brewing, in fact, its efficacy is only half played, and it still has a lot of medicinal value. For example, in the face of these three kinds of physical problems, tea is more effective than medicine!

treatment of oral ulcer

autumn climate is dry, a little inattention is easy to cause oral ulcer, pain and discomfort, eating is not good.

after drinking green tea, apply a little tea residue on the oral ulcer to relieve pain, reduce ulcer and promote wound healing. This is because tea polyphenols and tannic acid in tea have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, and can alleviate ulcer inflammation. As long as you insist on applying tea dregs several times, you will soon recover.

relieves sunburn

redness, swelling and pain caused by hot sun. At this time, you can also use tea dregs for emergency treatment!

take out the tea bag, put it in ice water, and then apply it to the wound to relieve the pain. Combined with aloe juice, it can repair the skin and will not cause inflammation and allergy.

in addition, you can also use more tea dregs to boil into a stronger tea juice, put it in the refrigerator to freeze into ice, and repeatedly apply ice on the sunburn for several times, which is conducive to skin recovery.

I didn’t expect that there are so many wonderful uses of the tea dregs left after making tea. I can’t throw them away in the future!

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