Tea is a perfect match for these foods!

tea is a perfect match for these foods!

oolong tea + sweet scented osmanthus is more appetizing

oolong tea is semi fermented tea, such as Tieguanyin, Dahongpao, etc. it is rich in tannic acid, tea polyphenols, alkaloids and other active substances, which can eliminate food and greasiness. With Osmanthus fragrans with fresh fragrance, invigorating the spleen and appetizing, relieving dry throat, bad breath and toothache, people can have a good appetite. Osmanthus fragrans is pungent and warm, which is very suitable for drinking with oolong tea.

the best way to make oolong tea is to use a purple clay pot or a covered cup, and the boiling water at 100 ℃ must be used. About 3 grams of dried osmanthus can be added after brewing. But need to pay attention to, easy to insomnia people less choose this collocation, because osmanthus also wake up the effect, drink after not easy to sleep.

black tea + ginger warming

from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, black tea is warm in nature and can expel cold, especially suitable for people with cold stomach, cold hands and feet, weak body and diarrhea. The raw ginger is pungent and warm, which is good at dispersing wind cold, warming stomach and tonifying yang. Both of them have the function of warming up, and the effect is doubled together. It was midsummer, and many people got cold and wet; Air conditioning disease;, You can use this combination to dispel the cold and relieve the exterior. Brewing black tea to use just boiled water, and then add a little ginger or ginger, brewing time can be relatively longer, which is conducive to the full dissolution of flavonoids in black tea, good for health. But it should be noted that people with hot constitution are not suitable to use ginger with black tea, drinking too much is prone to internal heat symptoms.

Pu’er + tangerine peel is more suitable for consumption.

Pu’er tea is mild in nature, and has relatively little stimulation to the spleen and stomach. It can also relieve the burden of fat and greasy things on the digestive system. Tangerine peel, that is, orange peel after ventilation and drying in the shade, also has the effects of invigorating the spleen and resolving phlegm, relieving greasiness and retaining fragrance, reducing adverse reactions and stopping vomiting. Pu’er tea needs to be brewed for 10 seconds. After filtering out impurities, it can be brewed with several pieces of tangerine peel. The combination of the two has both the fresh and fruity fragrance of tangerine peel and the rich fragrance of Pu’er, with sweet aftertaste. It is most suitable for drinking when accumulating food.

do not drink Pu’er tea immediately after meals, because Pu’er tea contains a certain amount of caffeine, usually emotional or more sensitive, poor sleep and weak body, it is better to drink less or not at night.

green tea + Lemon more heart protecting

catechols and other polyphenols are recognized as the key components of green tea that are beneficial to health, with a variety of health functions, including cancer prevention, cardiovascular health improvement, weight loss, resistance to ionizing radiation, etc. It is found that adding some citrus food rich in vitamin C to green tea can improve the absorption efficiency of catechol and increase the health care effect of Catechol by four times. The results showed that lemon was the best among citrus foods.

lemon with green tea, fresh and sour taste, especially suitable for summer drinking. Put the brewed green tea at an acceptable temperature, then add one or two slices of cut lemon, or drop a few drops of lemon juice, so as to avoid the loss of vitamin C caused by high temperature.

jasmine tea + chrysanthemum is more eye-catching.

jasmine tea is sweet and warm. It not only has the effect of aromatizing dampness, invigorating the spleen and stomach, but also can clear the liver and eyes. The fragrant chrysanthemum has the same effect of calming the liver, clearing the liver and improving the eyesight; The strong and the strong work together;.

when making jasmine tea with boiling water, add five or six white chrysanthemums, or add a few wolfberry, which also has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, to strengthen the effect of flower tea on eyesight. Jasmine and chrysanthemum tea can be drunk after 10-15 minutes. Chrysanthemum cold, General Yang deficiency constitution (usually afraid of cold) and spleen and stomach deficiency cold (a cold thing to eat stomach pain, stomach discomfort) people should pay attention to drink less.

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