Teach you how to clean the mouse pad skillfully

teach you how to clean the mouse pad skillfully

if you have a computer at home, you should basically use the mouse pad. Long term use of the mouse pad may be stained with stains and bacteria, so how to clean the mouse pad?

cleaning method of cloth mouse pad, The kind of soft bristles, or easy to damage the mouse pad. After repeated scrubbing, the plastic pad will become brand new, and can basically return to its original feel.

first of all, add soft washing products such as dishwashing detergent or simaojing into warm water (you can also melt the washing products with hot water, and then air them to 20-30 ℃, and then use them again. The temperature must not be high). Then soak the mat in it for 15 to 30 minutes. When the water turns a little dark, spread the mat on the bottom of the basin. Put some pressure on the cloth by hand and rub it back and forth. For the key parts that are often used, you can rub them with more force, but don’t rub them.

after the surface stains are removed, rinse with plenty of water. Rinse all the residual detergent in the mouse pad rubber. Take invisible bubbles as the standard. After cleaning, place the mat in a flat place and dry it in the shade. Because the water in the rubber will soon flow out, the mat surface is only a layer of cloth, and it will dry quickly. Do not be anxious to expose or hang up in the sun.

cleaning method for plastic and synthetic mouse pads, The accuracy of positioning is also relatively high. The cleaning method is generally very simple. If you think the mouse pad is dirty, you can wash it directly with water, and then put it in a cool place to dry. It is not recommended to put it in the sun.

metal or glass mouse pad cleaning method

metal or glass mouse pad is also relatively rare, cleaning method is more simple, directly wash with water or use a brush to wipe gently, or use a wet towel to wipe clean.

how to remove the smell of mouse pad?

mouse pad in the production process, due to the use of foam and adhesives and other chemical products, it is easy to produce odor, and the bottom of the mouse pad to play the anti-skid cushioning effect of foam rubber, due to a large number of rubber pores, it is easy to smell the smell on the mouse pad. The finished mouse pad is usually directly packed in the packaging, and there is less air exchange between the inside and outside of the packaging, so it is in a relatively sealed environment. When players open the mouse pad packaging, they can also smell the peculiar smell of the mouse pad in the production process. Generally speaking, the taste of domestic mouse pads is similar to artificial flavors. It is slightly fragrant but pungent. The Taiwan mouse pad is a taste similar to salted fish, though soft, it is also hard to accept.

generally speaking, most people will not wash or expose the newly purchased mouse pad to the sun, because it is easy to cause irreparable damage to the mouse pad itself. For the sake of safety, we can use some materials with strong adsorption to odor to achieve the purpose of removing odor.

uses the characteristic that tea is easy to absorb external smell to remove the peculiar smell of mouse pad

. In fact, the method to remove the peculiar smell of mouse pad is very simple. Take an appropriate amount of tea (about 10g ~ 25g), wrap it with facial tissue paper with good air permeability, and put it in the mouse package together with the mouse pad (if the package has been discarded or damaged, badminton tube or other similar containers can be used), After the package is sealed, the mouse pad odor can be basically absorbed after standing for about half a month.

charcoal and activated carbon can also play a good odor removal effect

as the tea flavor is a natural organic substance, the use of tea flavor to remove the odor of the mouse pad will not cause damage to the mouse pad itself. If you don’t have the habit of drinking tea, you can buy some activated carbon or dry charcoal instead of tea to absorb peculiar smell. However, when using charcoal products, we should pay attention to properly wrap them, so as not to pollute the mouse pad. In contrast, it is more secure to use tea to remove peculiar smell.

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