Teach you how to cleverly wipe the glass

teach you how to cleverly wipe the glass

, glass or glass mirror on the windows with traces and oil stains, can be used cloth or cotton dripping a little kerosene or Baijiu, gently wipe, will be bright and bright.

2. If there is dirt on the frame, picture frame or glass plated with gold, you can wipe it with towel dipped in beer to remove the dirt and make it clean and bright.

3, glass and mirror are stained with paint and dust, which can be easily cleaned with vinegar.

4. Use soft cloth or soft paper, soak in water with alcohol or Baijiu, wipe the mirror first, then dip the clean cloth into some chalk and wipe it again. It will be very clean.

5. Put some Indigo in the water to increase the luster of the glass.

6. When scrubbing the glass, first apply chalk water or gypsum powder water, and then dry it with dry cloth. It is easy to remove the dirt and polish it.

7. If there is a large area of oil stain on the glass, first scrub it with waste gasoline, then scrub it with washing powder or decontamination powder, and then rinse it with clean water.

8. First wipe off the dust with a wet cloth, and then rub the waste newspaper into a ball on the glass. The ink of the newspaper can quickly wipe the glass.

9. Cleaning the windows with onion slices can not only remove the dirt, but also be very bright.

10, there are traces of wax on the glass plate or mirror, which can be scrubbed with hot soapy water with a few drops of ammonia. Be careful not to let water seep into the back of the mirror, otherwise it will etch the back paint, and then damage the reflective layer.

11. Use residual tea to clean the mirror and glass.

method of cleaning glass

method 1: buy a new elbow plastic sanitary brush, carry a bucket of clean water to wet the brush, and then directly clean the glass. Due to the strong cleaning power of the plastic sanitary brush, the dust on the outside side of the glass can be removed as soon as it is brushed, and the brush has a certain length, which can easily clean the glass. If the glass is too dirty, put some detergent in the water. This method is especially suitable for winter.

first wipe the glass with a damp cloth, then use a clean wet cloth to touch a little Baijiu, and rub it on the glass with a little force. After wiping, the glass is clean and bright. You only use a spoonful of shampoo mixed with a little water or the shampoo after washing. Wipe the window with a cloth, and then dry the window with a dry cloth or paper. The whole window will become bright and clean.

method 2: the glass stained with dirt can be wiped with old cloth dipped in some warm vinegar, which is easy to clean and make it shiny. There is dirty oil on the glass, you can use a little vinegar and salt mixed into a liquid to wash. Wipe the glass with onion slices to make it bright and dazzling.

glass products will be dirty after long use. You can use proper amount of baking soda and a little water to clean them with cloth. Drop a few drops of kerosene on the glass, and then wipe it with cloth or cotton. The glass is not only very bright, but also can prevent water stains in rainy days. The glass can be cleaned by wiping the glass with waste newspaper dipped in water and then with dry newspaper. The gypsum powder dipped in water on the glass, dry with a soft dry cloth, the glass can be very bright. The adhesive tape stains on the glass can be scraped off with a knife and then wiped with turpentine.

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