Teach you how to drink in social intercourse to avoid getting drunk

teach you how to drink in social intercourse to avoid getting drunk

1, don’t use strong tea. Theophylline in strong tea can make blood vessels constrict and aggravate headache after drinking. Although you can’t drink strong tea, you can drink light tea to protect the liver. You can also drink more juice, the acidic components in it can neutralize alcohol. Don’t drink on an empty stomach. It’s best to eat more high protein food before drinking, such as a few eggs and milk. High protein food can neutralize alcohol, thus reducing the absorption of alcohol.

3. Try to drink slowly. After drinking, alcohol in the wine will enter the blood in five minutes, and half an hour to two hours is the time when the concentration of alcohol in the blood reaches the peak.

4. Don’t drink with carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks can speed up the body’s absorption of alcohol, and do not drink mixed with a variety of alcohol, otherwise it will be easy to drink and fall down.

5. When drinking beer, go to the toilet frequently.

6, when drinking Baijiu, try to drink plenty of boiling water, which can help alcohol excreted in urine.

7. Hot soup, especially fish soup stewed with shredded ginger, is very effective.

8. When drinking strong liquor, add more ice.

9. When you eat sweet persimmon after drinking, the taste of wine will disappear. After drinking, eating some desserts and fruits can keep you sober, especially sweet persimmon, which contains a lot of fructose, which can oxidize ethanol and accelerate its decomposition.

10, pig liver can enhance the detoxification ability of ethanol, so it is a good choice to eat pig liver when drinking. It can not only detoxify, but also supplement vitamin B lost in the body when drinking.

11. At the wine table, you should be good at speaking and pushing wine. You should never touch the glass until the last moment. You should think of ways to let others drink without hurting each other’s feelings.

12. In the interval of drinking, don’t hold the wine cup, steal some lazy, eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, not only can relieve alcohol, but also can effectively reduce the harm of alcohol to the body.

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